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How to access your web page via SSH

One of the ways to interact with your website is via SSH (Secure Shell) and works similar to FTP. With the SSH protocol you have more control and does not require a graphical interface, it also allows access to your web files through commands, which is an advantage over FTP. If you use a server that isn’t shared, it’s very likely that you have SSH access, however, not all servers offer this option.

Today we’ll see the steps to follow if you want to access your website via SSH. Are you ready?

Download an SSH client

If you don’t have an SSH client installed, you should do it but your choice will depend on the operating system from which you access.

If you’re using Linux or Mac and don’t have any clients incorporated, you can download OpenSSH.
If your operating system is Windows, the most recommended is PuTTY, because it’s simple to use and popular with users for its proper functioning.

Access your server

When you run the SSH client that you have chosen, it will ask you where you want to connect, the server name or IP address and a port number. You must have at hand the rest of the credentials of your server since in the next step you will request your username and password.

If you access directly from the server, you must look for the option within the panel of your hosting and select SSH Access. There you will also have to place your credentials and server and port data.

Use the command line to interact with your server via SSH

With the correct commands, you can do what you want with the files on your website. That said, you need to know the exact commands for each action. You can see some commands and get more information about their operation here and here. If you’re a beginner with the use of commands, in Learn Enough you can learn a lot. Of course, it’s a reading that will take time but is worth it, even when you have had some experience with them.

In most of the clients, once you access via SSH you will be located in the root folder. What you see in blue are files, the rest will be white. If you want to access a file you can use the command

and to return to the previous directory you can type


Have you accessed via SSH? Do you prefer FTP? Which commands do you use the most? We read to you!

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