Sunday, March 29, 2020

How To Change Storefront Footer Copyright

I’ve started to work on a new project where the client requests me to use the Storefront theme developed by the WooCommerce team.

Immediately i noticed that the first steps of this theme can be difficult, even with a large experience in this tasks.

This is because there some settings that can’t be changed from the options panel, and you should add some hooks or filters in your child theme to make those changes.

The first stumble was with the Storefront copyright text, as this is usually one of the first settings I change when I start with a new project.

I loose among a half an hour dealing with this until I found this solution and came to the conclusion that I had to start dealing with the code to change the footer copyright.

Default Footer Text

The Storefront footer default credit text looks like this

Change Footer Text

As we told you before, to change the footer text you have to create a child theme and include the next code inside your function.php file.

This function will replace a function called storefront_credit(), that is responsible to output the footer text. This function is placed on the file \storefront\inc\storefront-template-functions.php

Storefront Footer Text Plugin

If you don’t have time to deal with this use a plugin called Storefront Footer Text. You’ll only have to install and activate the Storefront Footer Text plugin, pretty simple!

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