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Create a custom dashboard for your client

The administration panel or WordPress dashboard gives you organized access to what you need to do on your website. From writing a simple post to install a plugin and configure almost everything. But … what happens when the client or team members need access to the web but you can’t be there advising and teaching them? It also happens that many times those who do not have much knowledge about the use of WordPress can get confused, go into sections of the page that they don’t understand very well and make modifications that could harm the project.

Creating a customized dashboard for the client will avoid inconveniences or constant questions from the client since it will allow you to place there the information that you need that the client knows and why not, promote additional services that the client might need. This modality will mean a closer and personalized experience for the client and will put in their hands links and information that can solve your main doubts.

There are different ways to create this personalized dashboard and today we will show you how to do it easy and fast.

With plugins

Custom Dashboard Page

This plugin allows you to create a personalized dashboard, it is very simple.

You can adapt a theme to the dashboard like Fancy Admin UI and Slate Admin Theme. You can customize the Login page with a plugin like WP Custom Login Page Logo.

White Label CMS

There are plugins more complete than the previous named because they only cover one need at a time. With White Label CMS, you can customize the logo of the login page and the administrator’s bar, modify the dashboard and hide what is not necessary, add your own content with useful information for the customer, modify the footer of the administrator, avoid displaying WordPress update notices, add custom CSS and choose which elements the client will have access to. You can save this information and import it when you want to apply it to other web pages.


Adminize is a plugin that allows you to hide items through a list of checkboxes where you decide what to show and what not. You must create the client an editor user and select what you consider necessary.

With code

Change the logo image on the login page

In the access page, you can change the WordPress logo and place the client’s image or what you want if you use the following function. Remember to replace the URL with the image you must have uploaded to your WordPress library.

Change the footer in the administrator page

With this code you can replace the WordPress image in the footer of the administrator page by your own name and URL. The date is a variable that will be updated automatically.

Remove panels from the Dashboard

There are options that can confuse your customers and we can remove them from your view with the code below. There are plugins that are installed in their own panels, what you can do is inspect the desktop code and add the name in the list to hide it.

Remove the WordPress icon from the administration bar

The icon that appears in the upper left corner of our administrator, and less the links that it displays, is of little use to us. To remove it, you can use the following function.

Add personalized content on the desktop or dashboard

Now we can add content and useful information for the client, data that will help him familiarize himself with the environment they will be driving and more. What we must do is insert this code and replace the data with our domain, insert the HTML content we want and replace the text lorem ipsum.

Add a blog article feed

If you publish posts on your website with information that may be useful for your customers, you can use this code to make them available in a feed.

To use the previous function and this one, you must combine them:

You already know how to add details to your personalized dashboard, take advantage of it to promote your services and give the customer that valuable content that he will appreciate so much.

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