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As we already know, a shortcode is a code written in square brackets that we add in WordPress [by-example-like] to add elements on our website that are not automatically available in WordPress.

Elegant Themes has a great plugin to insert shortcodes with many options that will give an excellent touch to your web page. It’s called Elegant Themes Shortcodes and allows you to copy the shortcode of the content you want in any module or section that accepts text. This function is excellent for developers with little experience or entrepreneurs who are making their website little by little and need practical solutions.

What shortcodes can we add with this plugin? The list is extensive!


Choose from the variety of colors, styles, and sizes of buttons available, with simple text or with icons.


The content boxes are excellent for displaying short content that captures the user’s eyes quickly. There are 5 types of boxes available, such as the warning, download, information, biography or normal box.

Toggled content

You can add content that is folded up or deployed, depending on the configuration you set.

Content in tabs

You can create content in vertical or horizontal tabs. You can customize the autorotation, the speed and the animation of the transition.


Create presentations or slides with any type of content, an unlimited number of slides and any type of width.

Image slider

This slider is totally adaptable to all dimensions and transforms the size of the photos.

Password protection

With this shortcode, you can request a password to enter the post you want.


You can configure the content in a variety of layouts and hierarchies. They can be created in halves, thirds, quarters, a quarter and two thirds and two quarters and a half.

Social networks

Make your users have it easy when sharing and recommend the content of your page with these buttons and badges.

Information on tools

Add additional information with tools or (tooltips) that can be added to any element.

Author information

Especially in blogs and sites about authors or publications, with this shortcode, you can add the information you want about the author, including the avatar or photo of it.

Custom lists

With 3 types of vignettes available (green check, red X, and black dot), create hierarchical lists of any information you wish to emphasize.

Price tables

Give structure to the way you show prices on your website, in an orderly, aesthetic and very versatile way of configuring.


In copywriting, testimonials are a powerful tool for the user to develop confidence in users. Add them easy with this shortcode.


Dropcaps allow to emphasize the first paragraph of a text, it is a typographic resource and with this shortcode you can apply it easily.


Place appointments wherever you want and enter different styles.

What do you think of this plugin? Do you know / use a similar one? Comment!

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