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Divi visual builder not loading

Some tips to fix the issues can make Divi visual builder not working

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The Divi visual builder has been one the features that bring up this theme over the competitors as its simple and effective. But as we mentioned before, Murphy’s Law says: “What can go wrong, will come out”.

Like this issue with the contact form module, usually the Divi visual builder is not working properly and we think we’re going to go crazy, so here we will explain some tips that will help you fix it.

Why is Divi Builder not Working?

If your having issues to load the Visual Builder you will get a never-ending spinner you probably want to understand why is this happen.

Before start to describe some common issues I have to told you that there are a lot reasons that can cause issues with the builder and there is no time explain it all.

WordPress Heartbeat

Some hostings disable the WordPress Heartbeat in some dashboard areas for security and resource reason. This API is related with many synchronization tasks like keeping an edit lock while the user is editing a post and autosaves.

Like the native WordPress editor, the Divi Visual Builder uses this the Heartbeat API to run autosaves, and if this API is blacklisted for the builder requests you’ll the loading issue.


Many users report issues with the Divi Builder after theme updates and this is usually related with the cache on your disk.

Yes, the Elegant Themes team have been developed the builder to load as fast as possible and to accomplish this task they have created a cache of the backbone. js templates.

These templates are the requested by the builder to display the modules. Sometimes, the updates process may have some issues and this cache is not cleared, running into some issues if new functions are needed and old templates loaded.

Fix Divi Builder not Working

There is a method for debugging WordPress sites and that method should always be applied when trying to fix anything. ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR WEBSITE! Deactivate plugins, change theme to a standard wp theme, make certain you are running the latest version of everything, clear all caches, make certain you weren’t hacked, etc..etc…

1. Keep Divi updated

The problems of pop-ups in the window of modules that were not opened, or the Divi builder doesn’t load, was solved in the latest updates.

2. Clear browser cache/cookies

The cache is that place on your device where the browser stores information and loads it faster (and uses less data) when you re-enter a website.

Every time you update Divi, you should clear the cache because your browser may be using the previously JS or CSS saved files.

3. Builder timeout with correction

If you try to edit a publication or page of your website using the visual constructor, it has been reported that a popup window called “Divi Builder Timeout” may appear, which prevents the use of the editor. This happens because Divi is reaching the limit applied to the Apache service.

In the Elegant Themes forum they recommended that the following code should be placed in the .htaccess:

4. Increase the memory limit on your hosting

You have two options for this solution:

You can adjust it on your own or contact the hosting company.

Enter your hosting via FTP and edit the wp-config.php file. Then add this at the bottom:

WooCommerce requires at least 64M. For most websites, if it requires a great use of resources, it needs more than 128M. Try to go to the memory until the message stops appearing.

5. Download Divi Tweaker

It is a highly recommended plugin, it makes Divi have more speed without coding. This add-on has an option that allows you to display a button in the Divi page builder area to delete the local Storage in your browser. Use it when you notice that the quota has been exceeded to copy and paste the module. This is very useful when the Divi or third-party modules are updated.

By clicking on Delete Divi localStorage, you can open modules and also copy and paste without problems. You can download them clicking here.

6. Clear localStorage

If the other tips don’t solve the issue you can try by clearing your sites local storage. To do this we’ve created a code that you have included in the functions.php of your theme.

After including this code and save the file, you have to go to the WordPress dashboard and then reload the page.

Do you know another solution? We are here to help you!

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  • Hi, I had this exact problem and after hours and hours of trying to find the problem I eventually discovered that it was being caused by the ASYNC JAVASCRIPT plugin… As soon as I deactivated the plugin my visual builder would work perfectly, as soon as I activated the plugin it would cause the visual builder to stop working and get stuck.

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