Monday, March 30, 2020

Fix the error “Are you sure you want to do this?” from WordPress

Some errors of WordPress are quite illustrative and suggest the solution but others, like the error “Are you sure you want to do this?” leave us a little perplexed.

Why does this error happen?

  • It’s possible that your website has cache problems.
  • The platform had an error when uploading a file.
  • The PHP limit memory is very low.
  • Some plugins are having conflict.
  • It’s trying to upload a file that is not supported by WordPress.

How to fix this error?

As we always recommend, before making any changes, create a backup of your web page. Now let’s see the options we have.

Plugins and themes

When using many plugins, it’s possible that one enters into conflict with the others, with the theme or with WordPress. In this case, we’ll not enter the folder of your plugins via FTP to deactivate them, what we need is on the desktop in the Plugins tab. Disable one by one and check if the error persists. If we don’t see the error message, we already know what the unruly plugin is.

With the themes, you can do the same. Enter Appearance, then Themes and perform the same check.

PHP memory

When the scripts do not have enough memory to run, it throws an error and may require an increase in the PHP memory limit. How do we increase it?

Enter via FTP in the files of your web page and find the .htaccess file, select the view / edit option and add the following snippet to the end of the file from a text editor.

This will give the scripts and more time to run without throwing the error. Check that you are no longer seeing the error message. If the error persists, you must edit the wp-config.php file. Add the following code at the end.

Save the changes and if we still can’t get rid of this error, it’s time to take care of…


When we don’t have the habit of cleaning the WordPress cache manually, your web page is prone to show this error. If you decide to use a plugin, this task will be quite easy since most require very simple steps to clear the cache.

When finished, verify that the error message has disappeared.

Did you use any of these 3 options? Tell us how you solved it!

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