Friday, April 3, 2020

How to fix Maximum Execution Time Exceeded error in WordPress

There is an error that WordPress users can get to see during the update of a theme and it is the one that shows the message “Fatal Error: Maximum Execution Time Exceeded in WordPress”.

This error happens, as the message says when a PHP script exceeds the runtime that has been set to protect the servers. Today we’ll see how to solve it with 4 methods.

Edit the .htaccess file

Connect to your FTP client and find the .htaccess file that we have used so much in previous posts. Add the line of code that you’ll see below and if doing so keeps the error, increase the value from 300 to 600.

Something similar you can do from your FTP client but with another route:

In the cPanel, click Select PHP Version and then click Switch to PHP Options. In the line max_execution_time you will see that it’s configured for 30 seconds. Increase the amount to 60 seconds and click apply to save the changes. If you still see the error, you can increase the time in 60-second intervals: 120 seconds, 180 seconds, etc.

Edit the php.ini file

Again, enter your FTP client and find the php.ini file. Add the following line of code and verify that the error has been fixed.

Using a plugin

If you’re a beginner, you know that there’s a plugin for everything. WP Maximum Execution Time Exceeded is the most recommended plugin for this function and you shouldn’t enter the .htaccess file or the php.ini, just install it and activate it directly from the WordPress directory. This plugin will simply increase the time to 300 seconds (5 minutes) and it will make the modification in the .htaccess file by adding the line of code that we named in the previous steps.

To eliminate the code it’s not necessary to enter the file, you just have to uninstall the plugin. In the instructions of this plugin recommend to make a backup of your website before making these changes, and if you read us a long time ago you will know that we also have this task as a golden rule before executing a task in the most sensitive WordPress files.

Remember that if none of these solutions works for you, it’s important to have a hosting company that can help you with a quick response on how to increase this time limit so you don’t see this error anymore.

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