Friday, April 3, 2020

Meet the Divi Visual Builder (Part II)

In the previous post we learned about the modules and the sections of the Divi Visual Builder. This time we will see the last part: the Divi Library and the Global Elements.

WordPress Library Divi

The Divi library is an excellent tool to save time, work and overtake as well. In the library we can save any multimedia element that we need to use later in our posts and other elements of the web.

We can access the library from the WordPress Administration Panel in the Divi section.
In this section we will see the list of entries or pages that we have created and we can create new ones.

When we edit the elements in the pages or entries, we can save the work at any time with the button that is to the left of the preview button.

Reuse content in the Divi Library

The library of Divi allows us to load sections or pages that were already saved. These elements can be accessed from the Main Panel of the Divi Visual Builder or any element within the settings.

In addition, an excellent advantage of Divi is that your demos within the theme can help you a lot when you are a beginner in the use of the subject, it will help you to start the work and you will have a little inspiration.

Global elements

When an element is saved as global, the changes that we make will be updated in all the pages in which the element is in use.
This facility is excellent when we have an item in use for several pages.

Bonus: Trick to use the constructor with more types of content

By default, the Divi builder can be used in pages and entries, but with this trick we can activate it for more types of content (we refer to products, courses, personalized content, etc.). All you need to do is enter this code in the functions.php file:

You must modify in the previous code is the slug of your content type (custom post type or CPT).
For example, replace ‘SLUG_DE_TU_CPT’ with ‘product’ if the content type is a WooCommerce product.

And, of course, add or remove the lines you need for each type of content in which you want to activate the Divi visual builder.

To know where to see the slug of the content type you have to open in your administration the display screen of the same and you will see in the URL the slug of the content type.

Save the changes and you will already have the Divi constructor available in that type of content.

From here you can apply styles to your content type to correctly display the Divi modules, so add a code like this to the additional CSS of the customizer:

Again, change ‘SLUG_CPT’ with the slug of your custom content type.Do you use the Divi Visual Builder? Tell us!
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