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How to modify the CSS of your page without creating a child theme

Have you ever wanted to modify the CSS code of your website in WordPress, but are you afraid of losing the information when updating?

For this, most users prefer to use a child theme or son theme, in which they can modify everything necessary without touching the original theme. This process is not for novices and we will always look for ways to make it simple, so we will show you a very useful plugin for this task.

With Simple CSS you will not have to install a child theme or face other processes, just by installing the plugin you can write all the codes you need without touching the original theme or lose the changes when updating.

This plugin includes:

  • Full CSS administrator editor.
  • CSS Editor in the Custom section. With this, you can see the changes in real time without saving the changes and reload the page.
  • Metabox CSS for a specific page or post.

When installing it, you just have to write the CSS codes that you need and this plugin will prioritize them.
If any code that you have written in this plugin is not activated or is not respected, you must add the

code at the end of each property.

There are some very interesting things you can do with Simple CSS:

Modify the CSS of a particular page

You will achieve this by writing the ID * of the page and then place the CSS code that you need to modify.

Modify the CSS of a WordPress blog section

This is achieved through the code:

* How to know the ID of a WordPress page?

You only have to edit a page or blog post and review the URL when you are in the editor.

It is easy to know what is the ID of the page, it is the number that is after “post =”:

How to change the color of the Simple CSS editor?

In “Appearance”, click on Simple CSS and change the option “Dark” to “Light” under the “Save CSS” button.

How to add CSS with Simple CSS?

Very easy: when the plugin is activated, go to “Appearance”, click on Simple CSS and start adding the codes you need.

That easy! Edit the CSS of your page does not have to be a very difficult task, in addition, this plugin complements very well with the editors that you choose to use and very much optimizes your web because you save resources.

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