Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Optimize your website by disabling Google Fonts

Having Google Fonts in the subject that you use is an advantage in many cases, it helps you with the design of the web to find the typography that can help you to better fulfill your objectives. This procedure also avoids having to worry about loading separate sources and housing them in the subject.

If it’s so cool … Why would we want to remove Google Fonts?

There are two main disadvantages:

  • When your topic uses Google Fonts, it makes available to Google the IP addresses of your visitors to obtain information about Internet use, and this conflicts with the privacy policies of your website, especially since the implementation of the RGPD.
  • Web page speed measurement services detect Google Fonts as a problem because it loads external resources. Are external calls from your website to Google fonts that may not load fast even due to failures of the same Google server, due to the non-availability of any resource at the moment, because Google deleted them, anyway … We will always try the best for our website, as well that today we will show you how to disable the Google Fonts process.

How to deactivate the Google Fonts upload?

To avoid all of the above and future consequences, we will use a WordPress function to disable Google Fonts.

This works on any theme that includes Google Fonts, we will have to go to the CSS stylesheet of the theme and locate the $ handle of the function. Check this list of the most popular topics and the name of the style sheet with Google Fonts.

  • Twenty Twelve


  • Twenty Thirteen


  • Twenty Fourteen


  • Twenty Fifteen


  • Twenty Sixteen


  • Twenty Seventeen


  • Genesis Sample


  • Extra


  • Divi


The WordPress function that we will use later is

After locating the $handle, in the functions.php file, we must add our code.

Host Fonts from Google Fonts locally

Hosting sources locally ensures that they will always be available for your website, in addition to complying with the RGPD because you would not share any data of your users.

You just have to download the sources you need from Google, upload them to your server and change the internal calls of the style sheet to the address of the sources that you just loaded.

For everything else … There is always a plugin

Disable Google Fonts is a plugin that will help you to disable Google Fonts but for now, it only works with the following themes: Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Seventeen.

We know you always want the best for your website! See you in the next post.

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