Plugins to stream in from your WordPress (Part II)

In the previous post, we show you two plugins to transmit (and monetize!) the streams that you want on your web page.

In this post, we bring you more options for you to try and take advantage of all its advantages.

ARVE Advance Responsive Video

This video integrator with the possibility of embedding is very complete and its pro version will show you advanced functions like Lazyload.


  • It’s SEO friendly. It allows to include the necessary data for the positioning of the video.
  • Supports WYSIWYG for shortcodes and previews.
  • It allows the embedding of videos and makes these embedded videos responsive.
  • It supports almost any type of video hosting that supports iframe codes.
  • The embedding of the videos can be via URL.
  • The syntax of the shortcodes is quite clean.
  • Embedding videos with CSS is much better.
  • It allows different types of non-intrusive configuration that aims to keep the user on the web page instead of going to other video providers.
  • Automatic start that can be disabled for mobile playback.
  • Video alignment and detailed description of the options in it.
  • Optional maximum width.

Compatible providers, Alugha,, Break, Brightcove, CollegeHumor, Comedy Central, Dailymotion, Facebook, Funny or Die, IGN, Kickstarter, LiveLeak, Livestream,, Metacafe, Movieweb, MPora, Myspace, Snotr, Spike , TED Talks, Twitch, Ustream,, Veoh, Vevo, Viddler,, Vine, Vimeo, VK, Vzaar, Wistia, XTube, Yahoo, Youku, YouTube, YouTube playlist, HTML5 video files directly, Google_drive, Dropbox, Ooyala.

All providers with embeddable iframe codes

Twitch TV Easy Embed

It is ideal for games and other video content. You can embed a group of sequences and customize the player.


  • Allows simultaneous display of all streamers playing a specific game and based on usernames or Twitch equipment.
  • Customize the language, transmission limit and deferred load for performance.
  • Customize language selections, colors, fonts, limit the number of transmissions and add a deferred load for performance.
  • It works on all screen widths and devices.
  • Custom administrator screen and support for shortcodes.

Stream Status for Twitch

It allows alerting the users of the page that the transmission in Twitch is active without being intrusive. It shows different customization options, position and more.


  • Quick and easy configuration.
  • The option can be displayed only when the transmission is active.
  • Customize your own “Live” and “Offline” texts.
  • Regular and large variable design.
  • Attractive animations.
  • Positioning and customization options that include a widget.
  • The configuration and customization can be done easily in the WordPress customizer.

YouTube Live Stream

With this plugin, you will get a shortcode to embed the live stream from YouTube. It is responsive and allows adjustments such as color and alignment. Other settings are made in the administrator configuration page that this plugin brings.

Main features

  • With a channel ID, it automatically embeds a live stream from YouTube.
  • Set the width and height. Also the size of the player and the alignment or if it should be responsive.

Pro version

  • Automatically embeds the stream by identifying a channel on YouTube. It also embeds the video or the playlist with the most recent videos when there is no live broadcast.
  • It allows to show image or text with a message during the transmission and outside it.
  • Set the width, height, theme color, and progress bar of the player. It also automatically hides the controls and title.
  • Automatic playback that can be silenced.
  • It works with the YouTube V3 API.
  • Set different options for the live player and the latest video player.

What plugin do you prefer? Tell us!

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