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Protect your WordPress by hiding the access screen

When you want to log in to your WordPress, sure you often go to the page “wp-admin” or “wp-login” of your blog and there you put your data to access. This route can be exploited by hackers to attack with brute force your web page by means of trackers that search for these accessible addresses and perform tests with applications for detecting users and passwords.

Since there is never “too much” security for your page, a preventative measure that you can easily apply is to hide this login screen so that hackers will have a harder time bothering you.

How to hide the WordPress access screen?

With plugins

If you have no problem installing more plugins, iThemes Security and All in one WP Security are good options in which you only have to enter the slug of the login page, check the checkbox of the hide desktop function and redirect users to a custom page without showing an error 403.

Without plugins

This mode has a slightly longer route than with plugins, but it is equally efficient.

First we will have to make your WordPress login page redirect to a personalized page of your choice.

You must search for the .htaccess file in the root directory of your WordPress and open it from the hosting panel or by FTP.

In this file you must copy the following code and make the following variations:

In the second line, you must replace “milogin” with the slug of the custom URL that you created for users to access.

Replace the key 123abc that you will see on line 2 and 7 with the key you prefer, but it must be the same in both lines and you should only use letters and numbers. This hidden key cannot be seen by hackers.

To finish save the changes and check their operation. The 500 error you could see is an indication that you should check the code well because something you wrote is not correct. Make the changes and recheck the operation.

How did you make this change: with a plugin or without a plugin?

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