How to remove the Divi footer in WordPress?

Many times we see websites where the developers decided to eliminate the footer that says “Powered by WordPress” or “Divi of Elegant Themes”.

Why eliminate the footer?

Web developers and designers dedicate themselves to web pages based on the client’s objectives and needs, which is why, like artists, they want to leave their mark on it and tell the world who have created that web. Many times they dispense with that text to place the copyright statement.

Add these credits, the copyright statement and also the message “powered by WordPress” represents a lot of text in that small space.

Placing the own data in the footer denotes professionalism and that the designer dedicated himself to personalize each one of the details of the web.

In this tutorial, we will explain to you three ways to remove the Divi footer section or message.

Through the Divi customizer

This mode is quite easy to remove the “Powered by WordPress” and “Designed by Elegant Themes” message

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Divi > Theme Customizer > Footer > Bottom Bar

In this last option, you can deactivate the credits of the footer or modify them.

If you do not want to delete the footer but hide it

You can use this text for the whole page or in individual pages (especially when we are developing landing pages and we want to hide any detail that may distract the lead).

If you want to hide the bottom bar

If you are using a child theme, add this code to your theme. Not only will it hide the bar that says “Designed by Elegant Themes” but also the social network icons.

Through the Editor

Another modality can be to erase or modify the credits from the Editor of your WordPress. Of course, you must create a child theme when you make these modifications.

For each topic the code will be different, you should look for “footer.php” and verify the information it shows to eliminate or modify it.

Remember to save the changes at the end of the modifications.

Through Plugins

There are two plugins that users recommend in forums and blog comments:

Aspen Footer Plugin

With this plugin, you can modify the layout, the sidebars, the footer elements, the footer menu, and the bottom bar. You can add images, own codes or use their tools to add the code. In addition, the Aspen Footer plugin (from Aspen Groove Studios) is super easy to use.

Remove footer credit plugin

No need to modify codes, this plugin is quite simple and minimalist. You can get it here.

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