Remove Yoast SEO from database

How to clean and remove the Yoast SEO plugin data from the database

Yoast SEO is definitely the best WordPress plugin to improve your site in the search engine rankings. I have personally been using it five years ago is currently installed on this blog.

However, when you deactivate it from your site this plugin leaves a lot of entries in the database making it bigger and heavy.

This has an obvious reason and is that the Yoast SEO plugin requires a lot of manual data entry in the site and that this configuration may have a big impact on the SERPs.

If you accidentally delete this plugin or you just want to activate again and the data is deleted many things can change in the SERPs and you’ll have to manually enter the data again.

So, take care and make sure you want to clean and remove the Yoast SEO plugin data from the database before following this steps.

So I have t suggest you that before you proceed to remove Yoast SEO completely from your database, make a backup of the site.

After the warning is time to put our hands to work.

Plugin Remove Yoast SEO from the database

As we always say, there is a plugin for everything in WordPress and here will recommend you the best plugin which is called Uninstall Yoast SEO Completely.  This plugin allows you to completely remove the plugin entries in the database with just a few clicks.

After the installation and activation, you’ll see a green alert at the top of the admin dashboard. Just press on the button clean it up and the data will be removed.

Uninstall Yoast SEO Completely

Remove Yoast SEO from database with PHPMyAdmin

For those who like to get dirty, here is the code that you can run into the PHPMyAdmin or MySQL console.

1. Log into your phpmyadmin account

2. Select the database of your WordPress install

3. Go to the SQL tab and pas the code below

4. Press the button to continue and that’s all!

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