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Take traffic to your website by appearing in the Google response box

Surely you have seen when you are looking for a recipe or you ask a specific question that Google first shows a “box” with the summarized information that gives you an appetizer to what you are looking for.

For the most part, the question asked must be quite specific and the web highlighted in this box responds directly to it.

The advantages of appearing in these Google response boxes are quite obvious: the traffic to the website increases dramatically since it puts you in first position in the SERP, increases the CTR and can appear in voice searches.

Optimize your page to appear in the Google response box

To achieve this, it is not enough that your page has the most correct information or you get positions in the first positions, optimize your page with the following details.

That the meta description says everything

If the title of your post is a question or start with “How …”, place a short answer in the snippet or meta description. If you have the Yoast SEO plugin, take advantage of it.

Answer common questions with your content

You can use many tools to determine what kind of content you need to increase your chances of being in the answer box.

Use to find the keywords you can use in your posts.

Use your content to answer not only the main question but secondary questions that may arise on the same topic.

Get some advise or assesment on semantic marking and use it to your advantage so that Google can easily extract the content from your site.

One last tip is to use Google searches to know what the users are looking for. For example:

Don’t forget the index

Use indexes with the content in numbered list format, this serves as a guide for the user and for Google.

Make a summary of your content

Surely you’ve seen in the most famous blogs that at the end (sometimes at the beginning) make a short summary of everything that was mentioned.

Your good friend: SEO

And, as always, apply all good SEO practices of usual content, such as creating good headlines, edit title and meta description, good labeling of your publications, a well-structured site map, etc. Optimize your website: just like SEO, appearing in quick answers requires including keywords and terms related to your content.

Are there disadvantages to being in the Google response box?

As an advantage, we already saw that being in the Google answer box gives more authority and you are the first result of the list, however, there is a not-so-nice side of this: If the user sees all the information in the box, why clicking it? This will depend a lot on how is the information in this box and if you need to click to access more information (for example, if we see a recipe and the box contains the ingredients, we will want to click to read the preparation).

Is there any way to avoid showing up in the Google response box?

If you decide that you do not want your content to appear there, the solution is simple. You just have to place on the page you want this label:

Do you want to be in the Google answer box? Tell us!

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