What are WooCommerce product brands and how to use them

What are WooCommerce product brands and how to use them

Woocommerce is a complete e-commerce solution that efficiently handles every functionality of an on-line shop. Product branding is one of the things you can manage with WooCommerce.

Allowing to assure product recognition in customers can lead into more sales and gives users a more confident feeling that may trigger a buying decision. All this can be achieved by using WooCommerce product brands.

Working with product brands increases sales and generate reliability on your e-commerce site.

WooCommerce Product Brands can be used in different pages and sections of a e-commerce website. Product pages, sidebar, widgets, search result page and any other section of a web page can be used to show woocommerce product brands.

If you sell products with different brands in your on-line shop and you’re not taking advantage of WooCommerce product brands, you have to know that you’re losing many sales.

Learn here how to use WooCommerce product brands

In order to start using WooCommerce product brands we‘ll need to use a plugin.

There are several of them, both free and paid ones. Here we are going to use Perfect WooCommerce Brands. A very complete and free plugin for product branding you can find on WordPress official repository.

After installing and activating plugin there are several things you can do with it:

Let’s see how to go ahead with some of the most common assignments.

Create brands

Under the products tab in WordPress dashboard, now you’ll see a brand option. When you click on it you’ll access the brands page, there you can add all the brands you need.

Add the brand name, slug, description, logo and banner for each brand. After you’re done, click on “add new brand”

Assign brand to products

Now that you’ve already have your brands created, you can assign them to products.

Go to products page and edit the product you want to add a brand to. You’ll see brand list in sidebar. Just select the brand you want to assign to the product and save.

Now the product has its brand. Check it out in front-end and see it for yourself.

Go to WooCommerce>>Settings>>brands to configure how you want the brand to be shown in product page.

Show all brands

This plugin offer shortcodes for performing several operations. If you want to show all brands in a single page use this one:

[pwb-all-brands per_page="10" image_size="thumbnail" hide_empty="false" order_by="name" order="ASC" title_position="before"]

You can set some variables here: how many brands to show, image size, ordering and title position.

Just copy and paste the shortcode were you want to show all brands.

Display carousel

You can either display a brand carousel or product carousel by brand.
If you only want to show brands in carousel use this shortcode:

[pwb-carousel items="10" items_to_show="5" items_to_scroll="1" image_size="thumbnail" autoplay="true" arrows="true"]

And if what you want is to display all products labeled under same brand use this one:

[pwb-product-carousel brand="all" products="10" products_to_show="4" products_to_scroll="2" image_size="" autoplay="true" arrows="true"]

Show brand for a specific product

For showing brand of a specific product you can paste this shortcode anywhere:

[pwb-brand product_id="5" image_size="thumbnail"]

You have to modify the id with the corresponding id of the product you want to show.


These are just some of the features of this plugin, there are many other things you can do with this and with other plugins.

When choosing one, have in mind exactly how are you going to take advantage of WooCommerce Product brands, and go for it.

Product branding is something you can’t left aside if you want to optimize your on-line shop.
Best results can be achieved if your products have a good branding strategy.

But that’s a completely different thing. Stay tuned and wait for it, it’s a topic we’ll cover in further posts.

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