How to promote your WordPress online courses

How to promote your WordPress online courses

You’ve already set up your online course and it’s ready to go. The next step can be even more hard. Promotion is necessary to attract students, if you don’t take action about it, even if your online course is a masterpiece, nobody is going to show up because a simple reason: Nobody will know that your online course even exists.

So… ¿how can you promote your WordPress online course? There are many things you can do in order to promote your WordPress online courses. Let me teach you some useful tips that will surely get you into the right path to success.

Promote your WordPress online course on Social Media

This is so basic. I’m sure you are already doing it. But, ¿do you know which social media network is the best one for promoting your online courses or you just share links in any facebook group, twitter or any other platform without measuring its benefits?

Each social Media network is different and there are so many. Each one has its own characteristics and a dominance profile users. You need to study each community so you can know exactly which one matches with the topic of your courses and find where people that may be interested in your courses gathers.

Publish promotional videos on YouTube

Talking about social media, you cannot left Youtube behind. Take advantage of the largest video sharing platform uploading videos. These videos will be very useful to get students. Not only in Youtube itself but also can be shared by mail, in your social media network or sending link to people in any way imaginable.

After you create your firsts promotional videos, it is a good idea to create a Youtube channel to engage with public. You can set up your channel to use it in your online courses and it will help you to build an online community.

Build an email list

Building an email list is hard. It requires time and continuous work in order to get real people mails. But it’s worth it. There are several strategies you can apply to get users mails. The main basic thing is to give something for free in exchange for visitor mail.

Free content can be an e-book, case studies, checklist, free video tutorial or anything that provides some valuable content. At the same time, you will be giving people a brief hint of what are your courses like, so in the meanwhile, you may catch some students.

When you’ve already created a mailing list with a considerable amount of emails next step is to get into email marketing techniques. We’re not covering that here but you can google it and you’ll find a lot of information about it.

Start a podcast / webinar

An excellent way to reach more people interested in your course is to start a podcast. The podcast is excellent for people who are auditory learners, or who like to listen to podcasts in their car on their commute.

The webinar is the platform where you can share highlights of your course to attract more online course buyers. The webinar is like an online date with your potential students. It’s a chance for them to check out your vibe,your content, teaching manner, voice, articulation, etc

Invest on advertising

If your budget is enough, you should consider to spend some money in advertising. This will maximize all your efforts and your courses will become known to the public. It is really worth it, especially if you are starting with online courses.

You can use Facebook Ads, Google Ads or any other advertising platform. Just be sure to target users that may be interested in your courses. A good strategy you can use is not to promote your course directly, but offering some free content in your ads. Invite to webinars or offer a brief free course or tutorial. This way people will be more receptive and you will grab their interest in a more effective way.

Build and manage a community

If you’ve done all this, I’m sure that you’ve already have an online community surrounding your online courses. In order to take advantage of this, you need to manage your community to get students from there. Create a Facebook Group or a Twitter account. Monitorize members and interact with them in these or in any other Social Media platform. The more of them you can include, more users you’ll reach.

These are some basic actions you can do in order to get students for your online courses. There are so many other things to do. Please leave a comment and let’s talk about it.

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