Earn money with a wordpress online course plugin

Earn money with a wordpress online course plugin

Earning money with a WordPress online course is possible but you must work hard to have some profit. There are several plugins that will help you to earn money.

WordPress features allow you to create a powerful online courses platform, but you need a plugin for that. These plugins are called Learning Management System (LMS) and there are many ones to choose from.

Setting payments can be difficult depending on the plugin you decide to use. Some plugins include built-in payment gateways and with others you will have to add and configure third party payments methods.

In this post we introduce some of the best LMS plugins.

Let’s take a look again at some of them:

LearnPress (Free)

Like many LMS plugins, LearnPress supports WooCommerce and full integration can be achieved in order to receive the profit from your sales.

There are many payments gateway available in WooCommerce. PayPal, Stripe, Square, Amazon pay and more. You can use any of the WooCommerce included payment gateways to charge your students. Money will go right to your accounts.

As result of adding WooCommerce and bbpress fully integrated with WP, a powerful selling online courses machine can be created. This is possible with this plugin.

Although this plugin is perfect to earn money with your WordPress online course, it doesn’t come with any pre designed or default courses, and even there is not a setup wizard or anything like that.

It may be hard for beginners that uses this plugin the first time.

LifterLMS (Free)

The free version of this plugin does not comes fully integrated with WooCommerce or any payment methods. These can be done purchasing one of their extensions or bundles offered.

If you don’t want to buy none of the addons or your budget doesn’t allow you to do it, you can obtain a manual integration with WooCommerce with its included payment gateways.

Even though addons are expensive ($ 99) free version is quite complete and offers a ready-to-go solution.

Sensei ($ 129)

As couldn’t be otherwise, the creators of WooCommerce offers a fully integrated with WooCommerce plugin. Sensei runs twinned with WooCommerce, it doesn’t work if WC is not installed and active.

If you are going to use WooCommerce to sell your wordpress online course and give your facilities to charge them, this is the best solution.

The perfect plugin to be used with WooCommerce.

WP courseware ($ 99)

This popular plugin is one of the best of its kind. It compete for the first places on the top 3 LMS plugins, with many features and tools for creating awesome wordpress online courses.

The bad new is that it doesn’t come with any payment method integration.

In order to sell your online courses third party plugins are required, and you’ll have to perform a manual integration with any of the payment gateways you decide to use.

There are many eCommerce and WP membership plugins, and WP courseware is compatible with all of them. But it may result a hard task to put it all together for beginners.

LearnDash ($ 159)

This excellent LMS plugin comes with its own membership system, and includes PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout and some more popular payment gateways.

It also brings some more cool features for earning money with your wordpress online courses like one-time purchase, monthly subscriptions, course bundles and its own shopping cart.

This plugin allow you to create a selling online course without any other ecommerce or payment plugin needed.

If you are planning to start your professional e-learning career or upgrading your existing online courses to a high-quality level, this is the right plugin for you. It may be expensive, but it’s worth it.

¿Are you using or planning to use one of these plugins?
¿Are you taking good profits selling wordpress online courses?
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