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Increase WooCommerce sales with these tips

Increase WooCommerce sales with these tips

¿Do you want to increase WooCommerce sales? Of course ¿Who doesn’t? Here we share some useful tips that will surely help you.

WooCommerce & WordPress powers over 28% of all e-commerce websites around the world. With more than 50 M downloads and over 4 M active installation, WooCommerce has achieved a huge success.

Even this exceptional plugin offer a complete solution to create great on-line shops. Things are not easy. It requires a lot of work and planning in order to gain customers and obtain profits.

If your online shop doesn’t sells like you would like to, here we share some useful tips that will definitely help to increase WooCommerce sales.

Increase WooCommerce sales applying these tips

Optimize your theme design

Work to achieve an eye-catching website that stands out amongst competition. Choose the right theme according to your e-commerce brand.

Theme is not really important. Whatever the theme you’re using, you need to ensure that it perfectly fits with your brand identity and engage with your audience

Enhance User Experience (UX)

If you take advantage of UX basic concepts, users will feel comfortable when navigating through your website.

You can improve UX by working on usability, interface design and functionality, visual design, information architecture, interaction design and in many other ways.

Just put yourself in the user’s place, try to think as if you were a customer and how would you like things to be.

Optimize for mobile devices

Every day more and more people switch from desktop computers and notebooks to smartphones. This is a global trend.

If you don’t take advantage of that you are losing many possible customers.
So if you want to give mobile devices users a optimal UX, and this way improve your sales; you must think in optimize your on-line shop for smartphones.

Responsive design is ok, but it is not enough.

Consider to design an complete different website only to be shown when users access from smartphones.

Take advantage of visual resources

Visual content is key to success of any kind of website, and in online shops things are not different. The first impression always enters through the eyes, and it happens really fast.

Before they read your textual content, users have already formed a subconscious idea in their minds given by visual resources that they saw at first.

Use videos to showcase your products, upload galleries with many images and make sure they are high quality ones.

If you want to say something to users, say it with an image. You will obtain much better results this way.


If a website page load is slow many users will feel unsatisfied and leave instantly. This will harm traffic and prevents growth. In a e-commerce website, same issue means less customers.

So if you want to turn visitors into buyers, it’s vital that your pages load fast enough. More than 2 seconds is considered a slow page load.

You need to optimize your on-line shop to achieve fast page loads. If there’s nothing you can do, maybe you should consider changing to a higher quality hosting service.

Cheap hosting usually gives poor quality hosting. A good hosting plan can be expensive, but it will ensure you that your website runs fast. And without this, any optimization you can do is useless.

These are our best tips you can apply to increase woocommerce sales. Of course there are many other things you can do in order to get more sales. Depending on the products you sale, your brand and your target audience.

¿What else are you doing to increase sales in your ecommerce?

Please tell us leaving a comment.

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