WP Bakery or Divi Visual Builder? Choose the one that suits you best!

Building a website is a task, in some cases, very arduous. However, thanks to the dedication of the developers, there are increasingly more tools that facilitate work or minimum, saving us time.

Today we’ll talk about two page builders that many developers use, WP Bakery (formerly called Visual Composer) and Divi Visual Builder, and how to choose between one of the two.


  • Both page builders are famous among users and easy to use.
  • Both have the function “drag and drop” (drag and drop). It is easy to create columns, sections and modules and the process is similar in both.
  • Both are responsive.
  • Both offer technical support through email.
  • Both are compatible with most of the most famous plugins of e-commerce, SEO, forms, etc.
  • Both allow you to create from the front-end of the page.




Its cost is USD 45 for the regular license (it can be used on a single website) and the extended version of the license is USD 245. It has many add-ons that you can add and their prices are variable, so the budget can go up.

Divi Visual Builder

Its cost is USD 89 per year or a single payment of USD 249. In both cases, you not only access the Divi Visual Builder but also all the themes and plugins of Elegant Themes Divi in an unlimited number of websites.


WP Bakery

It lacks 3 important modules: A responsive slider, form and portfolio or gallery with tabs that can be sorted. However, it has more than 45 content elements and 6 layouts templates.

Divi Visual Builder

It has a slider with full screen capability, a forms module (it’s basic, but if you use Divi you can use Bloom) and a portfolio module with tabs that you can order. It does not require as many plugins as it has many features. It has 40 modules with 18 layouts templates. In addition, you have the option to configure margins and padding for each module.



It allows you to configure the number of rows without limitations (each section is called in this way, unlike Divi where they are called columns).

Divi Visual Builder

Bring a number of default columns formats, if you want something different you must configure it via CSS.

Test A / B


It does not have this function.

Divi Visual Builder

It has the functionality of doing A / B tests, which is very useful if you want, for example, to generate leads and thus see which message works best to capture your information.

Learning curve


Users and blogs say that it is easy to use and intuitive, requires less time to get acquainted with the plugin.

Divi Visual Builder

It takes more time to familiarize yourself with the plugin, however the more you use it, the easier it can be to manage since its interface is quite friendly.

Have you used both? Which one do you choose? Comment!

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