Say it better with icons! Meet Icon King by Divi

A picture is worth a thousand words, and icons can help you to express on your website everything you need to communicate. In addition, the icons are a companion that allows to maintain a minimalist aesthetic.

Divi Icon King is a plugin with many advantages, since it will allow you to have more than 2000 icons in one place. Let’s see what it brings …

Advantages of using Divi Icon King

  • It is compatible with Divi and Extra Themes themes.
  • It differs from other plugins that allow the integration of Font Awesome or Material Icons, however applying the icons always involves writing the CSS. With Icon King you can access them and apply them with just one click from the Divi builder.
  • You will not have to scroll until you find the icon you need, Icon King has a search engine and filters to save you time.
  • It is compatible with the Divi Breadcrumbs module and the Divi Web Design Slider Animate plugin.
    At the moment of installation, the license offers the options to declare that the use will be particular, for clients, in several web pages, etc. With it you will receive 6 months of technical support with the possibility of Premium Support (payment) and lifetime updates.
  • The icons are not saved on your server, but on a CDN, which prevents the loading time of your page from increasing. You can check Font Awesome or Material Icons (or both) in the configuration, if they are not selected, they will not be loaded.
  • The plugin is available in many of the Divi Marketplaces, such as ElegantMarketplace.
  • You should not use special modules, it is compatible with any module that accepts icons.
    It costs only USD 19.97 at DiviCake.

Some tips

  • After installing the plugin normally, select in the configuration the library of icons that you want to use so you can start to see all the options of icons that you have available.
  • The results of the search will depend on how the icons are identified, you may need to place different keywords to find what you need.
  • When placing the search term, do not press Enter because the window of the icons will close.
  • Although it is compatible with the Divi Visual Builder, users report that it is not 100% compatible but that they have been able to add the icons without problems anyway.

Would you try this plugin? Have you used it already? Tell us!

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