WP Menu Icons – Add icons to your WordPress menus

Add icons to your WordPress menus

There are many mega menu plugins which allow you to include icons in your WordPress menus. However many users ask me about a simple way to include icons on their menus, as this plugins use to be very complex for those users who only want an icon in their menu items.

Typically, if they don’t want to install on this mega menu plugins, they have to edit the CSS of a theme or include a class in the item and then hook in the nav menu function… yes, still to complex.

Fortunately, there is a plugin for WordPress called WP Menu Icons which makes it so easy without having deal with the code or complex mega menus.

WP Menu Icons

This plugin handles the hard work and provides you with an easy and comprehensive interface to include icons in your menu.

Once you’ve installed and is activated WP Menu Icons  you have to Appearance > Menus.

Now you’ll see a new metabox called WP Menu Icons on the left sidebar where you can select between the most popular font icon sets available: Dashicons, Elegant Icons, Exclusive Icons, FontAwesome Icons, Foundation Icons, and Themify Icons.

After clicking on the desired icon font, you have click on the Save button of the metabox and the page will be reloaded.

Now you have to make a click on the plus button you can see on each element in the menu, and a new dialog box will be displayed on the screen.

Here you can search and select the between the icons available in the font. Also, there are some important options like the icon position, size, color, and alignment.

The final result is quite predictable and you should see any glitch as the plugin doesn’t make prior modifications in your menu structure.


There is no much to say about this WP Menu Icons, and this is the best of it, as is a great, simple and effective plugin. This is the best solution if your theme doesn’t include this feature natively and you don’t want to deal with the code or CSS rules.

WP Menu Icons

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