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When opening a blog, we love that our readers comment, but sometimes we can lose track of what users tell us, and we do not want them to feel unattended. In addition, our comment system has to be attractive, you must invite people to give us their opinion, ask questions and more.
Today we present an excellent app to manage comments that surpasses the conventional WordPress comment system: Disqus.

What is Disqus?

It is an application to externally manage comments, adjusts to blogs of any subject and improves the options for interaction with the posts of your website.

Why use Disqus?

WordPress allows users to comment and receive answers, we know that. However, we want to show you how Disqus can improve that system.

Connect with users of other blogs

Disqus works as a social network, connecting users of different blogs with themes similar to yours.

You can share the comments

You can share on social networks like Twitter or Facebook the comments they leave on your website.

Notification by mail with each new comment

Disqus will send you every new comment you receive in your posts.


Improves customer service because you can respond to their comments quickly and make a better management of them, so you spend more time on other tasks such as serving Social Networks.

The possibility of response to comments from the notice mail

From the email that Disqus sends you, you can reply to the comment that the user leaves you, without having to access the platform, go to the post, search for the comment, etc.

SEO benefits

From the point of view of SEO, the Disqus network has a DA of 96 and having a profile on this platform, you will have a link to your blog.

It will be ‘no-follow’ but, after all, it is a link to your website.

Manage comments from Disqus

As Disqus is an external platform to your WordPress, simply entering it, you will enter to see all your new comments and you will be able to answer them on the same page.

Spam control

You will prevent users from spamming you and your website will be disconnected from those users.

Custom comments management

You can minimize and maximize the comments that you are not interested in reading at this moment, by means of the button that appears just to the right of each comment.

How to install the Disqus app on your blog

When creating a profile in Disqus and fill in all the fields you require, including a photo, the URL of your page, your personal data, etc. we must install the plugin in our blog.

  • Go to the Dashboard, enter Plugins, click Add new and type Disqus in the search engine.
  • The one you must select is the one that says “Disqus comment system”, which will come out first.
  • Click Install now and wait a few seconds, just like any other plugin installed in WordPress.
  • Important note: If you activate the plugin you will immediately lose the comments that have been previously published in your posts. Watch out!
  • What you must do is export the comments of the platform to Disqus. Go to Comments, then select Disqus and you will see the available options: Go to Import and Export and select Export. This will take WordPress comments to Disqus. This will take about 2 or 3 minutes. It will notify you that everything went well.
  • Click on Save

Yes now! In the screen of edition of options of Disqus, we will click on Enable or Activate, and we will have this app running on our blog.

¿Do you like this comment manager? Please leave a comment if you have another suggestion.
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