How can we block spam in WordPress?

We all hate spam, but it still appears on any platform or social network that we use

In our blogs, whose comments section interests us a lot, we do not want spammers to take advantage and leave us “little gifts” that damage the users experience on our website.

So if you need to block spam from your comments, here we teach you some cool tips that will help you.


Akismet is a plugin very famous for its good functioning. Avoid spam comments almost entirely. The disadvantage is that it keeps all the information of the blocked comments in the database and this consumes a lot of resources of the RAM memory and the CPU.

Update comment settings in WordPress

To access this you only have to click on Settings and then on Comments.

From there you can close comments to old posts, place a filter to first approve comments or that a user’s comment is visible on the page only if previously one of your comments has been approved.

Even if the comments are set to look public immediately, you can adjust it so that if you have more than one link, stay tuned for moderation. Also eliminate trackbacks and pingbacks to your post.

Install Cloudflare

This tool is excellent because it prevents your blog from loading all that blocked spam, keeping it always away. It is easy to install and its free mode has no complaints. It also allows to register the IPs that have been bothering you without having to recharge the resources of your server.

Install Disqus

We already discussed in some previous posts how to install Disqus to handle the comments that come to your blog. For a while they have left publicity in their free mode, however we recommend that you check our post to know more advantages and know how to adapt it to your blog.

Install CSF Firewall

In the previous post we show you the types of hosting you can choose for your WordPress, so if you have your blog hosted on a VPS server and you are an administrator, we recommend installing the CSF firewall.

It is free and there are many tutorials on how to install it. The function that avoids spam is called CSF Block Lists and to activate it you have to access your server through SSH and modify the file /etc/csf/csf.blocklists, removing the pads (#) from the antispam services that you want to activate, just remember not to activate many to avoid overloading your server. Then you have to restart CSF and LFD.

Ready to leave out spammers?

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