How to choose the right hosting for my WordPress?

Here some tips you must know about choosing the right hosting

It has happened to many of us that we have a blog in WordPress and it becomes a more serious project, so we thought about buying a domain and hosting.

But … ¿How to choose the right one? I’ll give you the tips so you can choose the one for your WordPress.

Requirements for WordPress

They are quite simple and most hosting providers have them:

  • At least MySQL 4.1.2
  • At least PHP 4.3
  • Module mod_rewrite of Apache

However, what really interests us is that they are also suitable for use with WordPress.

What type of hosting does your WordPress page need?

There are three types of hosting or hosting for WordPress. Choose one will depend on the needs, resources, and requirements of your project.

Free hosting

Although it sounds flashy, it is not the most recommended option, unless you are going to use it only as a test. It has many limitations such as very slow load, low quality, low memory, resource limitations, problems with your connection, etc.

Shared Hosting

It’s the most common form of web hosting because it is cheaper. When you have several projects that are not very big, you can host different domains on the same platform. The disadvantage is that you must share the resources among all of them, so it is necessary to determine what scalability each project will have to know if they can stay in the same hosting.

VPS Hosting

It is not for beginners. Among its advantages is the possibility of server optimization, you can manage it on your own with your own resources. An advantage of this mode is that you can customize the web hosting service by levels. So you can adapt it to the needs of your website (resources, RAM, bandwidth, disk space, etc.). This will make the loading times of the website very good.

Dedicated server

It is the best option for WordPress pages that have a large amount of traffic (such as news sites or forums). It gives you the advantage of having a machine dedicated completely to your website.

What kind of support does the hosting offer?

Before selecting a hosting company, you should know if they hire you as you deserve. It is necessary to investigate:

  • What type of support does it offer? Do you have a phone operator in your language? Is it available at an appropriate time?
  • What is the response time? Do they respond adequately to an emergency?
  • By how many ways can you contact them? Either ticket, calls, chat, mail, social networks.
  • Investigate the reputation of hosting. Facebook groups are a good place to ask about certain companies or ask for an appropriate recommendation.

Now you already know how to start looking for your ideal hosting!

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