Create a divi mega menu that your visitors will love

Create a divi mega menu that your visitors will love

If you want to create an awesome divi mega menu that your visitors will love you have to know these useful tips I am going to share with you.

Mega menus are great, everybody loves them. But if you want to step into a high quality level and achieve a really stunting mega menú things are not so easy.

With Divi, you can create a nice looking mega menu, even with some cool features showing forms or other type of contents within menu. The truth is that if you want to take your mega menu to the next level, you need to use a plugin, there are several mega menu plugins out there.

Whatever the plugin you choose, you can create a great mega menu or just an average one. The difference is given by the user. What they feel when using and looking at the mega menu.

You need to take samples of this somehow. Heat maps are useful, and analytics could also help to test your mega menu performance.

Here you have some useful tips for creating a divi mega menu that your visitors will love

Ensure navigability over content

Mega Menus gives the ability to insert any type of content within each of the menu tabs. Although this is a great way to enhance UX and branding, we can’t forget what the original function of a menu is.

Regardless if it’s a mega menu or a simple menu, if it doesn’t achieve main objective, which is to allow navigation through pages and sections of a website, then it’s a bad menu.

So you have to find the perfect balance between content and navigability. There are so many types of content you can use in your divi mega menu. Videos, Animations, forms, post thumbnails and much more.

Think wisely which content you’ll use in your mega menu without harming navigability.

Optimize for mobile devices

I know what you’re thinking. Mega menus plugins are fully responsive and provides a nice looking menu in smartphones and tablets.

Yes, that’s right. But with same plugins, there’s much more you can do to optimize your mega menu for mobile devices.

Consider creating a standalone totally different mega menu exclusively for be used in mobile devices.

Don’t rely all in responsiveness. Plugins works fine in mobile devices, but there are plenty of configurations options that you can take advantage from to optimize responsive mega menu.

Think about UX all the time

If you want to create a divi mega menu that your users love, you have to offer an outstanding UX.

This can be a really hard goal to achieve since you are so familiarized with your website that you can’t think as an average user.

Try to think and act as if you land in your website the first time.

If your target audience is well defined and you have a clear idea of the dominance user profile, think about what kind of experience they would like to have.

Get feedback and study analytics in order to improve UX. It’s the best way to know if people actually likes your mega menu.

Integrate smoothly with overall web design

Of course you know this one. Mega Menu design must integrate perfectly with overall web site design. This is the key of success for any menu and all elements of a web page.

If your designing skills are insufficient. Consider asking for advice from a designer. Web design is a specialty related to graphic design and includes psychology, user perception and others specialties that you may not master.

Colors, shapes, borders, backgrounds, fonts, images and content format. These are some resources that defines the design. You need to integrate acordly each graphic detail of your mega menu with the rest of the website.

Take advantage of effects and animations

Mega Menu plugins are quite complete. They allow to apply cool effects and animations to each element.

Last tip I will give to create a divi mega menu is to take advantage of these resources.

People like to see something different in a website. Adding some movement to a web page triggers a much pleasant feeling, and that improves UX.

With QuadMenu plugin, one of the best mega menu plugin that we recommend, you can achieve great results using dropdown animations. This will enhance design of mega menu, as well as UX.

At this point you’ll surely know how to improve your mega menu. Take advantage of mega menu plugins and use full potential they offer.

If you work hard and put your efforts in improving each element of your mega menu, you can create an awesome mega menu that your visitors will love.

WordPress Mega Menu – QuadMenu

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