5 Ways to Monetize Blog Subscribers

5 Ways to Monetize Blog Subscribers

¿Do you have a large subscribers list and the only thing you do is sending mails to them? That’s no good at all. It’s useless to have many subscribers if you can’t obtain revenue from them.

There are several strategies you can apply in order to monetize blog subscribers. We are talking about web marketing here.

There are some other ways to monetize blogs, but this is much more orientated to digital marketing, so you have to refine your selling skills to achieve success.

Growing subscribers list is a long term work, but if you don’t get some benefits from it after long time -a year or two- there’s something wrong with your monetization strategy.

If you never turn your subscribers into customers or you can’t push them to do what you want them to do, all your subscribers are useless, no matter if you have thousands of them.

Learn here 5 proven ways to monetize your Blog Subscribers.

1. Use an Email Auto-Responder

There are many auto-responder platforms out there, both paid and free ones. If you aren’t leveraging an email auto responder, stop reading this post and sign up for one right now.

Some of the most popular are Aweber, iContact, MailChimp or Constant Contact. But there are many others. All of them have similar features.

An email auto-responder allows you to make a sequential schedule for sending mails. This way you ensure a convenient relation with subscribers.

It’s just like a common relation between people, a phone call or a casual meeting. There are few things you don’t want to talk in your first date. You want to be kind and show interest, don’t talk about yourself, build confidence before you throw a proposal.

You can automate all the process by setting a chained sequence of well designed and edited mails, so every subscriber get the right mail with a thought-out timing.

2. Give an exclusive hint of your product

When somebody subscribes to a blog, there’s always a reason that evidences interest. If you offer some free stuff to get subscribers that could be the only reason.

It doesn’t really matters why people subscribes to your blog, you should focus on avoiding them to unsubscribe, and a good way to do it is to keep on giving free stuff.

But not any kind of content like the one you used to grab user attention at first time. After subscription, you can show a hint of your product to awake interest about it.

An insinuation works better than a direct proposal. The key is not to sell anything, but to make people want to buy.

For example: If you sell online courses, give access to first lesson only to subscribers. If you run a ecommerce, show featured products exclusively for subscribers.

There are many formats you can use:

  • eBooks
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Recorded Webinars
  • Group virtual coaching
  • One-on-one virtual coaching
  • Live interaction

3. Have a landing page

Landing pages are designed to convert visitors into leads. And there’s no difference if visitors comes from organic search, social media or from your subscribers list.

Always include a link to your landing page in your newsletter mails. But do it smartly, the idea is to keep the line to conversion clear. So if at any time subscriber decide to buy there’s always a quick link that will guide to landing page, which is acordly made to sell.

Optimize the best you can your landing page. This will boost your conversion rate. There are many good tutorials and articles about increasing conversion with landing pages. Just Google it and you’ll find very good content to learn from.

4. Build your marketing funnel

Now we are talking about digital marketing again. A marketing funnel is basically a term that defines road-map steps in a relationship between people.

These steps are essential part of the marketing strategy and determines the buying experience of subscribers.

In order to monetize blog subscribers, you need a sharp-edged scheduled list of emails ready to be sent at the right time. So you can decide when to say the right words, give the right stuff or when you can talk directly about a deal.

A good idea is to let subscribers to decide the frequency they want to recieve mails, and even better, what kind of content they would like to recieve.

If you have the right marketing funnel and your email auto-responder is properly handled nothing could go wrong with your subscribers list.

The best of all is that you can analyze statistics so you can know exactly how each of your marketing stages are performing. And do something about it to get better results.

5. Monetize blog subscribers in sign-up process:

But wait. ¿Didn’t we just said that we don’t have to demonstrate a selling intention in our first encounter with subscribers? Yes, that’s right.

But in some cases it could be useful to monetize right on the sign-up process, so users can buy your product at the same time they turn into subscriber of your blog.

Specially when you offer some free content to attract subscription. It’s a good idea to give option to buy the full content right in the sign-up form.

Also some users may want to go directly to the buying process if they know exactly what they want and that’s what you have for them.

¿So why not to offer a special-deal product in subscription form? This could improve your monetization benefits. But you have to be very careful if doing it.

If you care about your subscribers and have an affable relation with them, and you’ve planned a long term strategy, this is NOT a good way to monetize blog subscribers. It could drive off subscribers.

¿Are you already taking action to monetize your blog subscribers? ¿How are you doing with it?
Please leave a comment and tell us how you monetize blog subscribers, I’d love to hear about it.

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