The best plugins to optimize your call-to-action

All projects (in this case those related to web and digital marketing) are made to achieve certain objectives, and within marketing and copywriting strategies, call-to-action plays a key role.

A call-to-action or call to action looks for users to take an action: register, buy, test a product, read more, conversion in general. It usually involves clicking on a button to perform the conversion and this button is found in different parts of the website: in a landing page it’s usually at the beginning, middle and/or end, side modules, headings, ads or pop-ups.

The plugins that we suggest are based on inbound marketing strategies to get more leads, which is basically to offer the user the option of making a conversion without being intrusive. Remember that you must plan the execution of these messages to be coherent with the objectives of your website or brand.

Power your call-to-action with the following WordPress plugins

Easy Social Share Buttons

This social exchange tool offers a wide range of native buttons for “Like”, follow, subscribe, followers counter in social networks, metrics, templates and more. Easy Social Share Buttons costs USD 19 for a single website.

Hello Bar

This tool allows you to add call to actions in a less intrusive way than a popup but equally effective, inserting them in bars that you can copy and paste as a code from the page to your WordPress. Hello Bar integrates with your mail to keep all the data synchronized and is very intuitive if you do not have much experience, you just have to write the URL of your page and it will guide you to create the bar that you need. Its free version allows 25 clicks per month. It also has a paid version of 100 clicks per month for USD 4.95 and its most expensive version is 7500 clicks per month for USD 49.95.


This popular free plugin helps to execute call-to-actions related to social networks. Icegram offers several options for positioning, design, and personalization so that users share your content on your social networks within a very useful interface.


We already talked about this plugin in this post and it is one of our favorites to encourage users to share your content on social networks, even if you do not have a profile on any platform offered by this plugin. Monarch is one of the most famous plugins of social networks WordPress, with many options for customization of buttons, positioning and a very intuitive interface.


This plugin allows you to add opt-ins to your web page in a very easy way to capture emails and grow your subscriber base. Among its options are the A/B tests, bars, forms at the end of posts, widgets and more. It has a variety of customizable templates with HTML and CSS. The disadvantage? OptinMonster does not offer a free version, but it’s not too expensive. Their plans range from a Basic version for USD $ 9 per month, a Plus version for USD 19 and a Pro version for USD 29.

Shortcodes Ultimate

This plugin offers a fairly wide gallery of shortcodes to install and customize buttons, boxes, sliders and more. It has a responsive CSS editor and works with all the themes. Shortcodes Ultimate is free but offers the possibility to buy Add-ons to expand your options of shortcodes, additional skins and add a shortcodes creator.

Simple Side Tab

It is distinguished from other plugins because it only allows adding a message positioned on the left or right side of the browser and it will be seen while the user remains on the page, so the button will always be available. It allows personalizing the text, font, and colors. The function of Simple Side Tab is to add a call to action that directs to another page and configure it is quite easy. In addition, it is free.

Thrive Leads

This plugin allows you to create highly customizable attractive forms without the need to use code. Among its most important features are smartlinks that show different content to your subscribers, has the function of drag and drop or click on each item to modify it and also a variety of templates.

Thrive Leads offers three paid versions: for a single website it has a cost of USD 67, for 5 websites it has a cost of USD 97 and for 15 sites it costs USD 147.

Thrive Ultimatum

This plugin offers a lot of help with call-to-action since its options are based on highly effective marketing principles, such as the principle of urgency. Allows you to add limited offer messages, Christmas offers, end of the month or weeks; stopwatches, countdowns and more for users to be quick to take action which increases conversions.

Thrive Ultimatum allows to automate campaigns, stop them, resume them and even program them. It offers many quite good and highly customizable templates with a very easy-to-use visual editor. It is a very powerful plugin, but not so cheap: for a single site, the cost is USD 97, for 5 sites it costs USD 147 and the maximum plan for 15 sites has a cost of USD 399.

WordPress Calls to Action

This plugin offers options such as monitoring conversion rates, doing A / B or multivariable tests, predesigned templates that can be edited in HTML / CSS or in the visual editor. WordPress calls to action is free and its development was based on inbound marketing to get more leads on your website.

WP Notification Bar Pro

This plugin allows you to display messages on your website to grow your mailing list, increase followers or make promotions. WP Notification Bar Pro is easy to use, has options for notification bars of different types and has support for HTML and 18 different social platforms. It has a free version and a Premium version licensed for 5 websites for USD 29 $.

Which of these plugins is your favorite?

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