11 Photoshop plugins for web designers (Part I)

Just as we look for plugins to facilitate us tasks in WordPress, part of designing for the web is also looking for the elements that make processes more optimal when we work, for example, in Photoshop.

Although you know how to do many design tasks in Photoshop, we bring you a list of plugins that you can add to your program to reduce the time it takes you to do certain things, especially if they are repetitive actions.

Layrs Control 2

This plugin uses seven scripts that allow you to edit the names of the layers, combine them, remove effects that have not been used, rasterize smart objects, automatically delete empty layers, find similar files and more. It is available for CC and CC 2014.

Layer Guides

This plugin adds buttons to place guides on the sides and on the vertical and horizontal axis with just a click, without the need to drag them.


This plugin exports active elements of the Photoshop layers, allows you to scale the images when exporting them, cut the transparent pixels and prepare them for the Retina Ready format. Available for CC and CC 2014.


This extension allows you to clone layers and groups of layers when you need to replicate the same object many times. Available for CC and CC 2014.


A tool to increase productivity. It allows you to update the position, visibility and styles of layers and / or layer compositions.

Nik Collection

The Google Nik Collection is a pack of plugins that allow you to apply various effects to your images:

  • Analog Efex Pro 2: Vintage effect for photographs.
  • Color Efex Pro 4: More than 50 color filters.
  • Dfine 2: Reduce noise in photos.
  • HDR Efex Pro 2: Apply HDR to photographs.
  • Sharpener Pro 3: Adjusts focus and sharpness.
  • Silver Efex Pro 2: Black and white effect .
  • Viveza 2: Adjust the brightness, contrast, tone and more in specific points of the image.

Getty Images Photoshop Plugin

This plugin, available from CC 2016, allows you to search for images, illustrations, videos and Getty Images boards by applying filters and importing them into Photoshop without leaving the program, in addition to synchronizing with previous purchases you’ve made at Getty.

Social Kit

This plugin offers templates for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

This plugin will help you to general the Lorem Ipsum text that you need without having to copy it from another side. Available for CC, CS5, and CS6.

Lorem Picsum

It is similar to Lorem Ipsum, but it generates random images (of cartoon characters and famous movies!). Available for CS and CC.

Long Shadow Generator

This plugin adds shadow to the elements with just one click. You can control the length of the shadow, color, gradient, angle and opacity. Available for CS6 and CC.

That is all for today! Do not miss the second part of this post with more useful plugins.

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