5 plugins to import + 5 plugins to export content in WordPress

The import and export of data in WordPress is a task that although we have the possibility of doing it manually, many times it could take an absurd amount of time if we compare it to how fast we could solve it using plugins.

Today we bring you a list of plugins that will help you get or upload to your WordPress all the information you need quickly and easily.

Plugins to Import

Export All URLs

Its function is quite simple, it exports all the URLs of your page including the categories and titles. The way you do it is creating a page within your website with the list and this plugin is quite useful for medium and large websites with hundreds of pages of content (usually happens with blogs).

Simple CSV / XLS Exporter

This plugin allows you to export, as the name says, to a spreadsheet and choose in detail what data will be extracted (includes the export of WooCommerce orders), although it also shows the option to export in general.

BBPress Import & Export

If your website has a bbPress forum, you can export the complete forum, specific topics and answers, all of this discriminated by date, limit the number of items and choose which columns to export.

Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce

This plugin is quite complete to export everything related to WooCommerce products in a highly detailed way with its filters. Exports in the CSV, XLS, XML, and JSON formats.

Woo Import-Export

This solution not only allows you to export (and import) products, but also all WooCommerce data, including coupons, orders, and categories.

Plugins to export

WP All Import

This plugin does not require other elements or special procedures, which allows you to easily import and export CSV or XML files that are not always compatible with some elements in WordPress.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer

This plugin allows you to import and export a fairly large amount of data that includes comments, users, special fields and personalized publications. It differs from the aforementioned because they even allow exporting SEO information from the All in one SEO Pack plugin and importing external URL images.

Import Users from CSV with Meta

The strong point of this plugin is that it allows massive uploading of user information to your WordPress. It also allows updating the information of existing users, connects with WooCommerce to import their metadata and can even determine a specific role for each user and allow the sending of emails to each new user.

Customizer Export / Import

If you already configured your theme and you loved it, optimize your work saving time with this plugin. It is a complement with which you can export all the customizer settings of your theme and you can see them in one place in an orderly way, then import them to a new theme, reload the page and see the changes at once.


This tool is quite complete to import into your WordPress website not only databases in spreadsheets, but also pages, menus, attachments, personalized publications, etc. in a massive way.

What is your favorite tool? Tell us!

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