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Spam not only bothers us but also the users of our web pages, but unfortunately, if there is something left over the internet, they are spammers. Although they don’t generate a conflict on your website, for example, doesn’t represent a danger of hacking, definitely, spam is a nuisance because it doesn’t bring anything positive and can rather scare users, as it gives the impression of carelessness or little moderation of comments. Another disadvantage is that the notifications of these useless messages are annoying, so we already know what’s the mission of today’s post: End spam.

We have spoken in previous posts about ways to block spam through Disqus, Cloudflare, updating WordPress comment settings and mentioning Akismet, so today we will delve a bit more into the latter to learn how it could benefit us.

Let’s meet Akismet

This plugin will allow you to archive comments automatically in the Spam section of your WordPress Dashboard. Akismet is compatible with other plugins such as Jetpack and Contact Form 7, in addition to having the API for developers available.

The free version is called Personal and offers protection against spam but of course, it does not have the benefits of the two paid versions. You can select it and decide how much you can pay if less than $ 5 or just $ 0.

The Plus version costs $ 5 per month for each site and offers: priority support, advanced statistics, supports commercial sites, and is recommended for blogs and professional sites.

The Enterprise version costs $ 50 per month and supports an unlimited number of sites. It is recommended for large or multisite pages and offers the same benefits as the Plus version.

How to install Akismet?

Let’s see how to install this plugin and get rid of spam!

  1. Install Akismet from the search engine or activate it, since many WordPress installations include this plugin.
  2. Activate your Akismet account by clicking on Activate your Akismet Account. You will see below a button to create a new “Key” in Akismet. Click Create a new key and then Get an Akismet API key.
    Register with your email, enter a username and password.
  3. Select the plan that is according to your needs and possibilities: Personal, Plus or Enterprise. If you select the free version, you can choose to pay $ 0 or less than $ 5.
  4. At the end of this process, Akismet will show you your “key”. It is a private code that you must copy and go to your WordPress Dashboard. Click on the I already have a key button in Akismet, in the plugins section of your WordPress.
  5. Paste the “key” that Akismet gave you and you’ll be ready to block all the spam your blog receives.
  6. Comments identified as spam will be archived and it is good that as well as the spam folder of your email, you periodically review them and discard what you do not really need.

Do you use Akismet or do you prefer another method to block spam? Tell us!

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