10 Plugins for lead generation and grow your mailing list

In web projects, the generation of leads is often an important part of the strategy since it allows remarketing, that is, generating visits from users who already know your page, selling new products and add-ons to customers or subscribers, to maintain their attention on the brand.
To achieve our goals in the lead generation strategies, we can use plugins that will help you a lot in an easy and fast way. Some of these plugins come in complete packs that include tools and functions like sharing on social networks.

1. Bloom

With an aesthetically very good interface, Bloom is a great good option and you can get this plugin by subscribing to the Elegant Themes membership. The cost is $ 89 per year and offers access to all themes and plugins, including Bloom. There is a single payment option of $ 249 and you will have access throughout your life.

Bloom can be located anywhere in your blog and you can customize it to match the design of your website. The designs are very complete and look very good. Bloom has 6 different forms display options, including an automatic popup, form below the comments and in the widgets area. There are functions related to user interaction, such as the activation of the form for the moment in which the user scrolls. This plugin offers 16 types of email marketing integration. It is the one that offers more integrations of this whole list.}

2. OptinMonster

Among its greatest advantages are the price, flexibility and good aesthetics. The basic plan costs $ 9 per month and provides you with unlimited forms, A / B tests, page level targeting (show specific campaigns according to the user’s behavior on the page), etc. The plus plan costs $ 19 per month and gives you options such as showing a floating bar, formulas in the sidebar and blocking content. The Pro plan costs $ 29 a month and helps you avoid bounce rate, full-screen referral detection, and takeovers.

OptinMonster is easy to use and visually appealing. It’s recommended for eCommerce to achieve more conversions and develop strategies for customers to return to the page. It has a constructor with “drag and drop” mode (drag and drop) and effects to get the attention of the people that come to your website. It has a geolocation option to further customize the campaigns. In addition, it detects the movement of the user on the page: if it seems to be coming out of it, it can show a popup by offering a coupon and asking it to continue on the website. The optins or forms of this plugin allow the user to register in only two steps. Its integrations work smoothly with Salesforce, Drip, and Shopify.

3. Holler Box

If you are looking for a simple and economical way to generate leads and add emails to your list, this is a good option. Holler Box is a plugin intuitive enough for any level of experience. At the beginning, it will offer you some functions to test and determine if it is the right plugin for your project. Some of these free features are unlimited popups and functions that are activated with the scroll. Some of the integrations are quite good, as Memberships pay Pro level. You can also add purchase buttons and the whole plugin is highly customizable. With this plugin you can complete tasks apart from collecting emails, for example, you can use the popups to announce events. There is a very interesting function of this plugin as a chat in which you can converse with your users and ask them for the email during the process.
The Pro version of Holler Box offers a banner in the header, advanced campaign targeting filters, and more popup designs. The Pro version costs $ 79 per year, includes one year of premium technical support and the possibility of including these forms boxes in 5 different websites. For $ 99 of support for 25 sites and all functionalities.

4. Icegram

With the Icegram plugin, you can show customers welcome bars, messengers, action bars and popups. It has many tools and 12 types of optins or forms. The Pro plan costs $ 97 per year and has features such as campaign statistics, user cursor movement detector and messages between lines. The $ 147 plan offers geolocation, animations and A / B tests.

5. Popup Domination

Popup Domination can be integrated into any type of website, not just one of WordPress. Offer a 14-day trial to determine if your service is right for your project. The price of the beginner package is $ 9 per month and it gives you 10,000 views of your forms, which are made to increase subscriptions and sales. Placing this plugin is very easy, just copy and paste the code into your website. Incorporate the forms anywhere on your website. The forms can have countdowns, images, animations, and colors. Other functionalities are analytics, redirection to another page, activations of popup with user interaction and popups for when the user tries to withdraw from the page.

6. GetSiteControl

This plugin not only allows you to display forms, but also follow buttons, polls, A / B tests, share buttons, chat boxes for technical support, more than 25 types of email integrations and much more. The free version shows you all the forms of widgets, frequency settings, custom colors, unlimited responsive widgets, updated statistics, integration with Google Analytics and programming. The Plus Plan costs $ 19 a month and shows you more integrations, activations according to user interactions and exit popups. The Pro plan shows unlimited views and management of different types of access rights depending on the type of users.

 7. SumoMe

This plugin is one of the best known for lead generation in WordPress. The free plan of this plugin allows about 200 subscribers, which is suitable for small projects or that are starting. It has functions such as autoresponse, targeting depending on the user and email campaigns. The paid version has an initial price of $ 24 per month and allows 750 subscribers, allows A / B tests, click activations and push notifications.
The version that allows unlimited subscribers costs $ 59 per month. Includes chat box for technical support, discount codes for integrations of Shopify, Magento, and Bigcommerce. This also includes analytics, social buttons, welcome messages in full screen and heat maps.
In general, the customization of the forms is quite flexible and is quite intuitive to use.

8. Hustle

Similar to Elegant Themes, WPMUDEV sells memberships instead of individual products. After a 30-day trial, the payment is $ 49 per month and you will receive all the plugins, which serve to improve security, SEO, performance, marketing strategy, etc. The free version of Hustle includes popups, sliding messages, embedded messages and personalized campaigns depending on the content. In this free version, there is only one type of form available. This plugin integrates very well with most email providers and you can obtain pre-established templates with a modern and minimalist style to personalize, social buttons, motion detector and adblockers detector.

9. MailOptin

MailOptin offers call to actions, email forms, a WordPress popup, and newsletters. It is a very complete plugin focused on the acquisition of integrated clients with marketing functions. It has the function of drag and drop and has a free version and another paid.

The free version offers lead generation and bulletins, while the premium version has everything from motion activations to A / B tests. The standard package costs $ 69 per year and the Pro plan costs $ 169 per year, the latter with functions such as advanced analytics, regular visitor detection, and conversion backup. There is a plan called Agency version that costs $ 269 per year. The lead bank offered by this plugin shows you information such as the conversion time and where the conversion occurred.

10. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is another popular lead generator in the WordPress community. It is a plugin with a focus on conversion when it comes to building products. It has 9 types of forms: Lightbox Overlay (Popup), 2-Step Optin, Optin Widget, In-Content Form, Ribbon, Slide-In, Screen Filler, Content Lock, and Multi-Step Forms. It has integration with more than 40 email marketing providers. It also has advanced reports, insights and A / B tests. A license costs $ 67 and 5 licenses have a cost of $ 97. Your optimization options are highly recommended if you put it on autopilot, and the segmentation options are very varied.

Which of these plugins is right for you?

As you can see, not all are made in the same way. Some are very complete in their free version and others require the paid version to achieve the best results. If you still have doubts, check this list:

  • If you are interested in added value – OptinMonster.
  • If you want something simple and light – Holler Box.
  • If you want your forms to look their best – Bloom.
  • If you do not have much budget – Popup Domination.
  • If you are a “data junkie” focused on analytics and conversion – Thrive Leads.
  • For a complete suite of forms and more tools such as chat boxes and surveys – GetSiteControl or SumoMe.
  • If you run an agency or development company and need a lead generator for many websites – Hustle.

8 short tips for your lead generation campaign

Appreciate the basics

Compared to other marketing strategies, email campaigns are easy to understand. As a result, many people tend to make them more complex than they should be and get lost in the details. Remember that it is an email, the most important thing is that the composition is correct.

Write a relevant subject

Do not underestimate the power of a well-written email issue, they have the potential to drive your campaign to success. The subject has the same function as the headline of a newspaper or magazine: write something you would like to read!

Keep the email clean

The minimalist and clean design is important not to cram the information users and what they see is pleasant and harmonious. If necessary, hire a designer or use a template from an email provider.

Easy reading

Your emails should be easy to read. This includes a clean and pleasant typeface, call to actions labeled correctly and the text must be clear, without many detours or mysteries.

Define each email

Organize your email marketing strategy before starting it, so you will know what your target is and how you will achieve it. Of course, it allows a margin of adjustment as you determine the behavior of users with each campaign.

Use a specific target

You can select the audience you want to address in a very well segmented way, to achieve your goals with the best effectiveness.

Write valuable content

Remember that we are not to bombard the user with sales messages, but to offer them something worth reading and in turn to show them a content or offer that they can not resist. Keep the purpose and go to the point, but make sure you execute it in a nice way.

Perform tests

Sure you have many ideas to try, but instead of launching the first thing that comes to mind, perform tests with emails to avoid taking too many risks. Many platforms allow A / B testing and you can change the types of audience and the content of the mails to see what works.

Analyze and redefine

It is important in any digital strategy to keep a monitoring of what is done to verify that it is working. Everything is improvable, so it is important to detect what needs to be adjusted (and what is working perfectly).

¿What do you think of these plugins? ¿Do you already use any? Tell us which is your favorite!

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