The best plugins for Divi WordPress theme

Some of the best plugins for Divi WordPress Theme

best plugins for Divi WordPress Theme

The Divi WordPress theme is one of the best visual builder available by these days. There are only a few other themes that achieved so much acceptance in WordPress webmasters and developers.

And the main reason of that is its almost infinite customization and configuration possibilities. But there are some things that may require more advanced technical skills.

As any other theme or plugin, to obtain full potential of divi wordpress theme it is necessary to get into codes. Something that not everybody like to do.

Even if you have advanced technical skills, maybe you are lazy and would like an easier solution. Or maybe you don’t know nothing about programming.

If any of these is your case, here you have some of the best plugins for Divi theme that will sure improve users experience. And yours.

Best plugins for Divi WordPress Theme

Divi Booster

If you are developing your website with Divi WordPress theme, it’s sure that you’ve land in a tutorial searching for a solution to make something you want.

With this plugin you can forget tutorials.

Divi Booster makes everything so easy. And you don’t need to get into any basic or advanced coding to achieve what you want.

Divi booster gives more than 100 extra configuration and customization options. And it solves many of the most common found issues.

These are just some of the features Divi Booster adds to Divi WordPress theme:

  • Set the default font size
  • Set the background color
  • Add an image before the header
  • Add a “sticky” widget area to left of screen
  • Hide the logo
  • Add new widget area below the navigation links
  • Hide the header completely
  • Hide header links and search
  • And much more…


This plugin was created specifically to be used with Divi. It enhances the social experience of users adding some interesting features that will boost the interaction in your social media network.

And that means more visits to your website, more people accessing to your content.

With Monarch you can customize sharing buttons to integrate with the design of your pages. And it is possible to place the buttons in different areas, so you can get a smooth integration with the feeling and appearance of your website.

It also provides automatic pop-ups or trigger-based elements that definitely will improve your social media statistics.

Divi Switch

One of the most populars Divi plugins that adds many options to Divi. While some designing and functionalities can be easily made with Divi, some others requires hours of researching and coding.

With Divi Switch these “hacks” are available to use with a single click. You can apply many changes to your Divi WordPress easily saving time and work.

It brings over 50 options that added to Divi’s it will expand your designing and customization possibilities in a very simple way.

Some of the main features of Divi Switch are:

  • Mobile menu on desktops
  • Menu link animations (fly in left and fly in right)
  • Flat menu buttons, 3D menu buttons
  • Hide bottom footer
  • Cleaner blog comments
  • Blurb icon animations (spin & grow)
  • Custom buttons
  • Change image aspect ratios

Divi Ghoster

With Divi Ghoster you will have completely white label website. This simple plugin is made for white labeling all of the Divi WordPress theme pages, both front and back end users will never see Divi logo or name in any page.

And the best of this plugin is that you can replace the Divi logo and name with your own logo and name, giving a extended branding possibility that surely you and your clients will love.

Divi ghoster also can completely hide some other things too. If you want a more covert usage it can hide other plugins from dashboard and Divi itself from theme selector.

These are some of the best plugins for Divi WordPress theme, there are some more very good plugins that could be in this list.
¿Which one would you add? Please tell us in a comment.
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