How to choose your ideal theme in WordPress? Part II

We come back with more tips! Choosing the ideal theme for WordPress will help you to fulfill the objectives of your project, so let’s go there.


The template you choose must be able to adapt to all types of mobile devices. While during the process of developing the web page you should make some adjustments to your taste and need, the entry MUST be responsive. It’s not negotiable! Access to web pages from mobile devices is much greater than from a computer, the user must see the page fully adjusted and functional or abandon it and you will lose conversions.

The initial idea

Write down everything you can think of! If you are a web designer, it’s a good idea to have a prototype of what you want and need on your website, and then adapt it when you get a theme. If you want to do it in a design program, write in a notebook or get creative and “pencil.” Even if you draw your ideas you can go on editing and have an idea of how to create and improve the web. Having the initial idea well schematized will also help if you hire a web designer, so you have the mock-up of what you want.

What do the users think?

Especially when you buy a premium theme, check the comments of users, as we do when we want to buy something online or go to a restaurant that we saw on Instagram. Do users feel well cared for? Is there a constant failure that has not been corrected? Are you satisfied with your purchase? It should not be the only criterion to choose the topic, but knowing the opinions is a very effective help.

Is it compatible with e-commerce plugins?

It is important that your topic gets along well with e-commerce plugins, even when the ultimate purpose of your page is not necessarily sales. For example, if you created your page as a blog, where you want to talk about a certain topic in which you are a specialist, and little by little your audience grows and you decide to sell ebooks, guides, online courses, etc. Can you imagine having to make a huge change in your blog first to be able to offer your products? It is better that everything works well at the start, you have to think big!

Make sure your theme support multiple languages

In copywriting one of the most important criteria is consistency. For example: if you always write completely in Spanish and with a certain style, but suddenly a text on your website is in Spanglish and with a different tone, it will look messy. If your entire website is in one language but certain details of the template can not be edited and are left in a different language, we lose coherence. In addition, not all users speak several languages. Make sure from the beginning that the template supports several languages and you can edit what you need.

Help your SEO, he will help you

SEO will help you better position your website and generate traffic and conversions. How can the topic help you improve your SEO? Take into account details such as:

Load speed

While the loading speed may depend on your server, you can use tools such as Pingdom, with which you must choose the URL where the theme demo is and do the speed test. Did you like the response time? Find out what hosting the demo website uses and consider hiring it.

Correct structuring

In SEO it is important to take into account aspects such as the amount of h1, h2, images, number of characters, etc. Verify that the subject supports you in that sense.

Clean code

When the topics have unusable codes, many calls to style sheets and javascript, large amounts of code to support the functions of the web, tend to be penalized at the SEO level.

Do you feel ready to choose your theme? Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment!

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