Tips to be successful with your ecommerce (Part II)

Open an ecommerce has been the best option not only for brands whose sales were born under this modality, but also for brands that want to adapt to new times, the behavior of their customers or users and open business areas that provide new perspectives to the same.

What do you think about the previous tips? Learn more about ecommerce and what details we can take into account to generate more conversions.

Select your products very well

Although having many products available increases the possibilities of purchase, cramming the customer with options can negatively impact your sales.

Select your products under a similar criteria so that there’s coherence, divide them into categories and select the best quality to generate content in terms of marketing, with good photos, descriptions and special landing pages for them.

Payment methods

Don’t just think about the payment methods that you use, offer the greatest possible variety to the user so that he feels comfortable when making the payment. Make sure yout website supports credit card, PayPal, bank transfers, cash on delivery and more so that the customer doesn’t have to take many steps out of the page and abandon the purchase.

Organize your categories well

Make sure the products are well categorized, nothing worse than a messy ecommerce. Don’t offer too many categories, try to condense them as best as possible. Optimize them, if they carry descriptions, make sure they are concise.

Make sure your client is always attended

Make sure that customers always have a contact channel to which they can go if they have any problem or doubt with the purchase (even for positive feedback).

You can generate ticket systems with WordPress plugins, open live chats on social networks or the website and add a section of frequently asked questions.

Pay attention to checkout

Every sale matters and therefore every part of the process matters. Many users abandon the products in the cart when faced with a complex checkout process. The recommendation is that you create a special checkout page that is intuitive, harmonious and guides the user to the final step.

Put at hand the products that the customer has already reviewed

Don’t waste information on what the client has seen your visit on the page. Always offer on the page an account of the products that the client visited so you do not have to look for it again if you are interested in returning to it. This process of retaking a search and finding a product again takes time and that on the internet is almost unforgivable. Let them find the products as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of purchase.

Tell us how you are doing with your ecommerce! What plugins and platforms do you use? What have you learned from the process?

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