How to choose your ideal theme in WordPress? Part I

Back to basics! Do you know how to choose the right theme in your WordPress? Even when you have had experience, you can always miss some detail.

Many things will depend on the theme and it must be appropriate to the design and especially the functionality of your website to fulfill its mission. That’s why knowing how to choose a theme is so important, and today we will help you with the task!

What’s the purpose of your website?

What we want stops being a dream when we set goals to achieve it. As in the projects of the university or the work we sometimes speak of the main objective and secondary objectives, the methodology applies when we have a web project. What do you want to achieve? How?

For example:

The main objective of your website is to promoting X artist.

Secondary objective: sell your merchandising through the web.

Knowing what you want to do and how is what will tell us what kind of web we are going to create. In WordPress you can create web pages of all kinds, among which are:

  • Personal and professional blogs
  • Corporate and business sites
  • Portfolio sites for freelancers
  • Sales Web pages (capture pages, sales letters, etc.)
  • Virtual shops
  • Memberships
  • Coupons
  • Learning and training platforms

Depending on the objectives you will know the needs of your website and it will be easier to find the theme of the category and functions that fit what you want to achieve.


Do you have specific tastes or preferences for the design? You probably already have a reference of what you want according to the industry for which you will develop the website. Take into account how you would like the design to look, what style it should have, what functions you would feel comfortable customizing, etc. Although the web is a project for a client or brand that is far from what you may like in terms of design, put yourself in the shoes of the user and think if the design would really call attention to you in a positive way.


Search that the theme you choose is flexible and have a variety of templates available so that the possibility of personalization is wide. Divi is a very good recommendation since you can customize every last detail, and with your Visual Builder, you can basically create what you need in a very simple way.

The theme you choose must have enough areas of widgets, a content editor or tools for it, customization options for the structure, in short, flexibility in terms of structure. Navigation is a fundamental part of the user experience and can influence the success or failure of the objectives of your website.

Free or Premium theme?

There are two main categories of WordPress themes: free and premium. The free themes offer very good design options but we will always want the final result of our website to be as original and functional as possible. The disadvantage of free themes is that the functions and customization options are limited. It is better to invest a few dollars in a premium theme that offers updates, security, technical support, compatibility with secure plugins and much more extensive personalization options.

Updates and technical support

This point is a basic one but it does not stop being extremely important. The updates of a topic not only offer improvements in the general functioning but more protection in terms of security protocols to avoid hacking. Technical support is extremely important if you need help, you will avoid many hours of searching on internet forums, consult with professionals and pay counseling hours to solve problems that may be due to the issue directly. In summary, investing in a premium or free theme that offers technical support and updates will help you with security, performance and ultimately save you time and money.

See you in the next post with more tips!

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