More plugins to make easier your work in Photoshop!

In the previous post, we gave you a list of plugins to facilitate your work in Photoshop and reduce the number of steps you must give in each task.

Time is money, this time we bring you more -totally free- plugins that will help you do more in less time and be more efficient.

Photoshop Social Share Plugin

In the previous list we recommend a plugin to share on social networks directly from Photoshop, but if you want another option this is a good alternative. Available only for Mac OS.

Transform Each

We recommend a similar plugin in the previous post, but this is another very valuable option. It allows you to transform the objects without changing their position, you just select the anchor points and the type of transformation you want. Available for CS5, CS6, and CC.

Retinize It

This tool is very useful to create content adapted to the Retina-ready technology. It allows to export the elements in their original size or to duplicate and triple their size, you only have to select if you want to export a layer or a group of them. Available for CC 2015.

Cut & Slice me

Works with previous versions of Photoshop. It allows to cut the images and export them as PNG files.


This plugin converts Photoshop layers of any type to CSS3. Available for CS3 and more.

Corner Editor

Enhance the ability of Photoshop to round the corners of objects in multiple layers at once. Available for CC 2015.

HTML Block

This plugin allows you to place HTML and CSS directly in Photoshop documents. Available for CC 2015, but only for Mac OS.

Photoshop Tones Action

Create a color palette from a single color!

Mr. Stacks. On the fly layercomp storyboarding

Perfect to convert a storyboard into a PDF or PSD file.

Flaticon Photoshop plugin

Add free to your Photoshop more than fifty thousand icons.

Save Panel

Save quickly in JPEG and upload it to your Dropbox.

Social Kit 

Buttons for your website and templates for Facebook, Twitter Google + and YouTube.

Adobe Emailer

With this extension, we can directly send the PSD images by mail.


This plugin translates the text layers of your PSD file into other languages.


Create grid designs or grids with guides. It is open source.

Halftone Automator Photoshop actions

12 actions to add Warhol, Lichtenstein and more.

Font Awesome PS

Access to an infinity of fonts in your Photoshop, without needing to download them separately and integrate them. Available for CC.

We hope this list has been useful for you!

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