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In the era of e-learning, live broadcasts of news, classes, sports and all kinds of content are growing. Gone are the times when we used a radio or a television broadcast, now we can access information live from different platforms, which do not only consist of social networks but also streams that we can use in web pages.

Today we show you plugins to show live broadcasts directly from your WordPress.

Stream Video Player

It is one of the most complete plugins but it has not been updated recently although it is still working. It is easy to use and has an editor with tag generator. Accepts subtitles and transmissions can be seen on iOS and Android, supports YouTube and pseudo-streaming, so you can find the place where the video will be seen without having to upload it fully first.


  • iOS, Android, WPTouch, MobilePress, YouTube, and support for feeds.
  • Video tag in HTML5 for mobile devices.
  • Responsive and adapted to devices with Retina Ready technology.
  • Insert code for any video.
  • Allows subtitles
  • XML playlist.
  • Share the video on social networks and share the URL of it (very useful if it was an online class that was recorded for students to see later).
  • It allows using custom skins.
  • Supports JW Media Player plugins.
  • Code XHTML standard.

VideoWhisper Live Streaming

VideoWhisper Live Streaming is a plugin that integrates with webcams, IP cameras, mobile and desktop decoders and video playlists. With this plugin, you can show live channels with a chat included, as well as being able to manage different types of channels and monetize access to them.


  • Management and configuration in the front-end of different types of live channels.
  • Live updates with AJAX.
  • Automatic detection of iOS and transcode support for iPhone and iPad.
  • Allows granting permissions for use by role, email, ID, and name.
  • 24/7 support of IP cameras.
  • It allows limiting the transmissions and the time of them in each channel.
  • Unlimited levels of premium channels.
  • Statistics of the channels.
  • Supports external transmissions and players.
  • Integration with myCred for paid channels. It also allows tips for the channel transmitter and buy credits with the myCred credits plugin.
  • Supports playlists and video file programming.
  • Custom floating logo and advertising placement in the chat box.
  • Show video data while the channel is offline (titles, images, descriptions).
  • Pay Per View Ready with Custom Post Type: control access to live content or the sale of add-ons.
  • It includes a widget that shows the channels and the names of the programs.
  • It can be used in combination with applications such as Periscope and Meerkat.
  • Integration with BuddyPress for real-time chat.

In the next post, we bring you more options that you can use for your live broadcasts!

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