Test your mobile website version with these tools

With mobile devices taking more and more ground above desktop computers, having a website that looks great in its mobile version is essential to receive and maintain visits on your page.

With the following tools, you can verify that everything is in order and thus achieve the objectives for your project. Let’s see!

Am I Responsive

This tool will help you verify the responsiveness of your web page with a single click from any device. You will not need to take screenshots to see the final result of the web, but paste the URL in Am I Responsive and ready.

Demonstrating Responsive Design

It is ideal for a quick look at how your website will look in 3 different sizes of devices, in vertical and horizontal orientation. To see this tool, click here.

Mobile Friendly (Google)

Google tests the mobile version of your website with Search Console, and it works when you enter the URL of your website in this tool. It shows you the results you get from this evaluation and warns you of any errors you may have.


From Mobiletest you will be able to visualize your web version mobile from the pc, you only have to register and copy the URL of your web. It allows you to select the device from which you want to see the web and check details. It shows a range of cell phones and tablets of different brands from which we can see the web.


With MobiReady you can receive an online audit of your website through notes and tips to optimize your website. It also allows you to compare your page with that of the competition.


Like Demostrative Responsive Design, Resizer allows you to type or paste a URL and view it on a computer, tablet and mobile phone of different sizes and sizes, in horizontal and vertical orientation.


This tool helps web designers to know how their responsive page will look on the most popular mobile devices, by placing the URL of the same. Click here to see Responsinator.


This tool helps verify the responsiveness of your web page. In Responsivepx you can see the page with the width and height measurements you want, test the appearance and functionalities in different screen sizes of mobile devices.


This free tool allows you to view your website in different resolutions for mobile devices. Click here to see Responsitesttool.


In Screenfly you should only place your URL to see the web page in different resolutions. It stands out because it adds options of television formats and PC screens.

Ready to refine details of your responsive website?

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