The best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress (Part II)

In the previous post we mentioned powerful plugins for Google Analytics. In this post we will see some more, even specialized!

Analytics Counter

With Analytics Counter, as with GA Google Analytics, you can easily add the Google Analytics tracking code by logging in or manually pasting the tracking code. It’s quite easy to use, it is lightweight and it allows to exclude the actions of the administrator, so that the visits and actions on your website don’t count and you can have information only from the users. The disadvantage is that you can only see general statistics, not specific posts or pages.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

This plugin offers specific analytics of your ecommerce directly on your WordPress desktop, such as reports on purchase behavior, checkout, product performance and sales; guest checkout, capture product impressions, add to cart and clicks on categories, product pages, featured products, recent products, related products, configure your local currency and anonymous IP.

Cat Analytics

It’s a lightweight plugin that allows you to add the tracking code of your Google Analytics easily, you just need to paste the Google Analytics ID and choose which user roles you want to exclude from the analytics. It’s easy to use, excludes logged users from the analytics and own traffic.

Google Analyticator

This free plugin adds numerous widgets on your desktop with graphics referring to the analytics of your web page (such as: general statistics of the use of the site, searches, page views, visits of the last 3 days, etc.)
Google Analyticator allows you to add shortcodes in a way that shows the analytics publicly or as a widget in the footer. Supports web speed monitoring, allows you to limit the view of the widget according to the user’s role on the web, allows you to view total views of the page, referral sources, searches, bounce rate, download tracking of links, etc.

WP Statistics

This is the only one of all Google Analytics plugins that does not depend on external services, which means that you should not integrate it with Google Analytics.

It’s free and offers information such as total visits, referrals, GroIP, statistics, hits, etc. in the plugin or directly in your email. You can also see searches and search engine redirects such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu.

WP Power Stats

It’s another light, basic and free plugin. It offers information about page views, devices, organic searches, search engines, operating systems, most viewed posts, traffic sources, geographic location and more.

Do you know any that aren’t on the list? What is your favorite?

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