The best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress (Part I)

Analyzing what happens on our website is essential, because although the starting point is the objective of the project, evaluating the effectiveness of web design and operation will allow decisions to be made about it.

Since Google Analytics is a very good tool to evaluate the performance of our website and get important insights, there are some plugins that prevent you from changing your window or tab and you can obtain this information directly in your WordPress. In this list you will find free, premium, light and very complete plugins. Let’s see!

Monster Insights

Formerly called Yoast Analytics Plugin, it’s the most popular WordPress Analytics plugin with more than 11 million active users. Its Pro version will allow you to monitor the most popular posts, 404 error pages, Google Ads, custom reports, custom dimensions, digital downloads and sales, etc. If you have a blog, the free version can be a good option.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

The developer of this plugin is a Google Analytics partner and installs a tracking code on your website, allowing you to see the status in real time from your WordPress desktop. You will see details such as the active visitors on the page at that time, what channel they come from and traffic specifications. You can configure the reports in the front-end of your page and access statistics of all the pages of your website, as well as allowing the view of these details to authors, editors and contributors of the blog, even to the visitors! The plugin includes a widget.

WP Google Analytics Events

This plugin that allows the installation of your tracking code of Google Analytics is perfect to see details beyond those related to traffic. It allows to monitor individual links to detail and its Pro version allows to monitor the interaction with the call-to-action buttons, records in the forms, clicks on the images, statistics of the YouTube videos that are inserted and all the links of your blog.

Analytify Google Analytics Dashboard

This plugin offers many options for reviewing analytics, both from your own WordPress desktop and from a widget. With one click you can authorize the plugin to show you the statistics of your web page.

In the free version you can see a report of general new and returned visitors, average time on the site, bounce rate, main traffic sources and even statistics related to social networks. The Pro version offers front-end reports, campaign statistics, real-time statistics, shortcodes for widgets and monitoring of personalized posts.

GA Google Analytics

This plugin is a bit lighter than Monster Insights and its main objective is to easily add the Google Analytics tracking code to your web page. In addition, it offers data such as general analytics, link attributions and IP anonymity.

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