Implement a customized Dashboard for your clients

There are several plugins, tools, and codes that can be used to create a personalized welcome page in the dashboard.

It is a fairly widespread option for developers who want to always add something more valuable and also improve the channel of communication with their customers since it avoids constant calls and emails.

Also, you can include useful information for them according to what they need in the Present or services that you can offer in the future.

What kind of information to offer on that welcome page in the dashboard? Here we bring you some ideas.

Use video tutorials

Making a video to explain to your client a small route or introduction to the page is not too complicated.
The first thing you should do is organize the information. For example: how to create a blog post, how to add a product or modify it, how to add photos to a gallery, etc. Everything must go according to the needs of the client, the objectives of the brand, etc.

You can use applications to record the screen while doing each of the actions you have structured, make a presentation sheet, other sheets separating each theme and a final sheet with your personal stamp as a developer.

A good way to create these videos and be exclusive is to use Vimeo, for the privacy options offered.

About WordPress

The client must know, first of all, to use the basic functions of WordPress. The editor has many functions, the platform shows messages that the client can know what they mean if you explain them before.

The good thing is that on WordPress there are countless tutorials and websites. What you can do is show the client pages in whose information you trust and even organize them according to the theme.

About the website

This aspect of training is also necessary: it is likely that the client needs to know about Divi (if it is the topic you are using) and details of the topic that may be, for example, the use of tools. How to explain every detail of Divi would be too long for a home page, you can refer the client to the Divi tutorials with the Divi Training WordPress plugin. This plugin provides access to organized and categorized information that the client can consult when needed.

If you don’t want to install any plugin, you can leave links or videos of information from reliable sources like the Elegant Themes blog.


This area is usually left at the end and you can include here the access to a special page that explains certain topics or has a directory of official links that the client can consult. For example, links to your blog posts where you explain basic topics, links to the Facebook blog or information on reading the analytics of your blog, links to the Yoast blog to learn more about SEO … what you consider necessary.

Time to take note and organize a dashboard that leaves your client with his mouth open!

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