5 tips to improve the SEO of your website


We all want our site to be well positioned and achieve visits that help us meet our goals, so we will share very useful tips that will help you improve the SEO of your website.

1 Make good titles

The title is one of the most important elements of your website, not only the pages but the entries in your blog. The titles should be flashy and at the same time meet certain SEO requirements that facilitate positioning and clicks.

At the style level, titles should be brief and concise. At the SEO level, titles should have the keyword at the beginning and should not be too long.

Recommendations to make your titles more striking:

  • Explain how to do something or achieve a goal.
  • Explain the reason for something.
  • Make lists, mostly listed with odd numbers.
  • Remember that truthfulness is fundamental.It is a very bad practice to promise something in the title that you will not find in the article, just to gain clicks.
  • Do a little search of the title in Google to avoid it being identical to others.

2 Do not exaggerate by repeating the keyword

The density of the keyword is important, because the exaggerated repetition of the same can cause the opposite to the visibility that we want.

  • Keywords must be used (only once) in:
  • The title, at the beginning.
  • The URL
  • A subtitle (like a H2, H3).
  • In an image (if it exists inserted in the post) the image must contain an ALT attribute with the keyword, without repeating them.
  • In the first paragraph.
  • Ideally, the density of the keyword is around 0.5 and 1.5%.

3 Optimize all the elements of the web

Google shows preference for WordPress websites with the most optimized elements, so loading speed is essential.

  • Don’t upload images that are not optimized.
  • Install plugins that can improve the performance of the page.
  • Enable Gzip compression.

4 Create valuable content

Google favors content that has the following characteristics:

  • Must meet readability standards (especially in English).
  • The minimum number of words in a post should be between 300 and 500.
  • The content should be published as frequently as possible.
  • The more related the content of your page with a specific niche, the better.
  • Google penalizes websites that exceed the use of keywords, repetitive or irrelevant to the niche.

5 Design is fundamental

The design of the website should also be optimized, not just the words we write in it.

  • There must be more text content than HTML.
  • The paragraphs should not go beyond four lines.
  • The web must be optimized to use in mobile version.

These tips are a starting point! Tell us what other tip do you apply.

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