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One of the most important points in web projects is the recruitment of subscribers to grow the email marketing strategy. Sending an email allows the user to receive information that may interest them, in an environment in which there is less “noise” (we are not competing with tweets or Instagram posts) and can consume the content calmly. The point here is that our goal (among others) in the email marketing strategy must always be to attract more subscribers so that your content reaches more people and increase the probability of conversion.

This is why Bloom exists, the most complete, intuitive and easy-to-use Elegant Themes plugin to fully customize your forms and have all the control, measurement and more of your subscriber list.

Let’s see what Bloom brings.

Types of display for forms

One of the biggest advantages of Bloom is that you can place the form (opt-in) almost anywhere on your website and in very different ways.

  • Automatic (pop-up)
  • Automatic (fly-in)
  • Between lines
  • Below the content.
  • In the widgets area.
  • Information required to unlock content.
  • Types of triggers of the form

Bloom allows you to activate the forms in pop-up or fly-in mode depending on the user’s interaction with the page or the post.

Active after a while

The form will be activated after the user has spent some time browsing the web.

Form at the bottom of the page

It is a good strategy because the user, when they reach the end of the post, can subscribe if they want content similar to the one they have just consumed.

Scroll activation

The pop-up or fly-in will be displayed when the user has made a specific percentage of scrolls on the page.

Activation by comment

After the user makes a comment on a post or page, you can see a form that invites you to subscribe.

Activation after purchase

Many online stores show pop-ups after conversion, offering discounts for the next purchase in exchange for the user to subscribe.

Activation for downtime

If the user has been inactive on the page, a pop-up or fly-in may appear that calls your attention again and invites you to subscribe.

Integration with 12 email marketing services

Bloom not only integrates with almost any email marketing service, it also offers statistics and allows you to correctly organize your lists depending on each account you have associated.

Multiple design options

Bloom allows you to make the form as eye-catching as you want and customize it so that it is in tune with the design of your website. It has available more than 115 templates, 3 types of orientation (background, right or left), customize the borders, add images and choose their orientation with respect to the text, modify the color of each element and more than 80 font options.

You choose where to show the forms

Not only you can choose where the form will be in terms of the layout of the web, you can also configure the pop-ups or fly-in to be shown only in certain posts, in the posts of certain categories and exclude them from specific pages.

Duplicate the forms and now time

Just as Mailchimp allows you to duplicate a campaign to use the same design and apply slight modifications, Bloom allows you to duplicate forms that you have already created and customized to save time and maintain uniformity in design. It also allows to perform A / B tests, and to choose, thanks to the statistics in real time, which design generated the best results.

Import and export your data without problems

You can back up and migrate the data of your plugin from one web to another.

Responsive and retina-ready design

The forms that you create will be totally responsive and adapt to all types of devices.

Does it convince you? Are you already using Bloom? Tell us!

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