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Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are loading so much our page and we don’t understand why we cannot make our website lighter.

We add images, videos, files, etc. and we forget to clean it up. It is important to remember that all that we upload is added to our server and begins to slow down your page since it starts having difficulties to load because it creates requests to the database.

What’s the solution? Upload the files to external services to get your website lighter and speed it up. Don’t miss this tips!

For Images

Optimized images will not cause problems, but if you necessarily need to show them in high quality or in their original version, you have several options:

  • Flickr, who has been walking for years and is a large image bank / social network.
  • Pinterest, the realm of the image.
  • Imgur and Photobucket.
  • The one that has more users than all the previous ones: Instagram. With just paste, the link of the publication will be ready.

For Videos

Almost nobody hosts the videos on your page. Even e-learnings such as Smartbeemo don’t host their videos on their own server, they use platforms like Vimeo that can guarantee that the video is only seen on their page.

Uploading videos to external platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo also ensure that they can be seen in the best quality. You just have to copy the URL in the text editor or copy and paste the code from “insert video”. Go to the HTML tab of the text editor, paste the code wherever you want and you’re done.

If in any case, you want to host a video on your page because it is the video of the header, you can use the Revolution Slider plugin and upload a short video that will load automatically (remember that it must be adapted, in the correct size and format).

For Audios

The most famous platform to show audios or podcasts in our WordPress is SoundCloud, but there are also Ivoox and Speaker.

Even Spotify allows you to insert a playlist.

For documents

The most famous platform for digital catalogs and magazines is Issuu. For books or presentations, there is Scribd and for presentations and documents, we recommend SlideShare.

If you are looking to add a document that the user of your page can download with just one click, Google Drive, Dropbox and Mega can be your best friends.

You can upload the file to Dropbox, activate the option to share the file and place the link on your page.

And what do we do with the cache?

Every time a user enters our page, WordPress generates a series of data. But that’s just the problem: it saves everything, therefore, it takes up space and can slow down your WordPress. For this, create the cache, which is a pre-loaded copy of your page that streamlines the load when users enter it.

For the cache you can use these two plugins:

  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache

Additional data: if your hosting is SiteGround, the cache plugin of that hosting (SG Cachepress) is quite optimized.
Have you already recorded all the tips? Tell us what other external resources you use or how do you make your website lighter

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