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Each web project is a world, and while for some the content is fairly curated and selected, other projects require immediacy and reiteration. Today we will show you a very powerful tool to take content from other web pages and automatically post it on your blog.

WP RSS Aggregator

Also known as WP-o-Matic, this WordPress plugin allows you to create posts automatically with the RSS or Atom feed you choose, taking content from other blogs or applications.

This plugin is quite acclaimed for its consistency and flexibility in the import of data, as well as being complex but very powerful.

After the installation, you will have to answer some configuration options and that’s it.

Create a campaign

A campaign allows you to group the feeds that will feed the plugin and therefore your blog. This collection of feeds can be renamed and added to categories. The plugin will extract from it the most recent updates from other blogs to publish in yours.

Add feeds

In this option, you can choose the RSS or Atom feed that you want to use for your new campaign. You just have to enter the RSS Aggregator, click on Add New and provide the URL of the website and the plugin will automatically take the updates of the blogs from those websites. You can limit the amount of posts that will be taken from each web.

If you want to validate a feed, you can use a tool such as W3C validator, in which you only have to place the URL of the web and it will tell you if you have any problems in the syntax of the code.


You can add categories for different feeds and it’s quite useful to vary the pillars of your blog content.


This tool allows you to select and replace specific extracts of text (very useful if you want to filter words).

Basic rewriting

It allows you to search and replace excerpts from texts of all the texts that are published, so you will not have to worry about curating certain words.


WP Web Scraper has an extensive amount of articles and documentation that you can visit if you have any questions.


WP RSS Aggregator also offers a very efficient search engine for Add-ons and groups them into a separate offer and another of several advanced and premium add-ons that can cost between sixty dollars and hundreds of dollars.

With add-ons like Feed to post (at a cost of eighty dollars) you can send the posts to drafts for your review before publishing or editing the posts manually. With WP Views you can display the posts within your website using the theme of the same or types of personalized posts without using theme codes.

Remember to request permission from the web pages to publish your content (not doing so can cause legal problems!). Would you use this plugin in your web projects?

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