Is Divi contact form not working? Learn here how to fix it

If divi contact form not working here you'll find help for fixing it

Divi contact form not working

5. Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log


Install the plugin, go to the Post SMTP tab in the dashboard menu and then press the button called Start the Wizard.

Include the email address and name you want to send mail.

In our example, I’ve included the Gmail SMTP server, but you have to take in mind that some hostings won’t allow you to use third-party SMTP servers.

Now you have to set the mode of the connection with the mail server. Please to select the Gmail API.

Click next and then open the Google Developers Console Gmail Wizard, create a Client ID for web application with the values displayed below, and copy the generated Client ID and Client Secret here.

Select a name for your project a name and complete the Authorized JavaScript origins and Authorized redirect URI with the URL provided by the plugin.

Include the email address and name you want to send mail.

Now you’ll receive the client ID, but we still need to get the client secret key.

Follow the steps and then you’ll get the API login details.

Then you should go back to the plugin page and complete the Client ID and Client Secret with the details provided by the API.

You will then need to “Grant permission with Google” and click to allow your Gmail account access.

You can then send a test email to verify everything is working correctly.

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  • Some ISP disallow the change of from email. In our case it is Office 365. We had to check the “Force From Email” option to get it to work (using WP Mail SMTP 1.3.3).

  • Hello, my problem is that sometimes it sends and sometimes it does not. The form is “thinking” and does not send but appears filled data (as if I had not given to send) and I have to give back to send up to two or three times to get the form. On other occasions it is not even sent. Do you know what may be happening? It is exasperating for the user to hit the send button several times and in the end it is not sent.

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