Smart Ways To Get More Subscribers

Some cool tips to get more subscribers

Smart Ways To Get More Subscribers

¿How many subscribers your mailing list has? ¿Would you like to get more subscribers and boost leads with your email campaigns? Here I bring you some useful ways you can get more subscribers to your mailing list, if you aren’t doing none of these I’m sure your mailing list is not the large that you would like to be.

The good news is that if you apply these tips in your website, your subscribers list will grow fast. And this way you can enhance your email marketing efforts improving lead generation and sales.

These are some of the best methods you can use to get more subscribers:

Offer a special deal or freeware

If you give something for free, users will think twice before closing opt in form or when seeing subscription form. Consider to give a free e-book, tutorial or whatever you can give in exchange for their subscription.

If you run an ecommerce website or you sell products, special offers or discounts can make a difference between getting lots of subscribers or getting only a few of them.

Of course people can subscribe only to get this bonus, you will have to give a good reason if you want them not to unsubscribe.

Optimize Call To Action button

If you use CTA buttons in your website, you can get more subscribers optimizing it. The key to achieve is to make a much more attractive CTA button. A button that grabs users attention is much more effective.

This can be done in several ways but best one is to make button to interact with users.

Consider styling your CTA button with animations, borders, backgrounds or colors when users move mouse over button.

Less clicks, more subscribers

¿How many clicks users must make to subscribe to your website? If answer is more than two, there’s something wrong.

Make things easier to users so they can subscribe in a very simple and fast way.
Each click means that many users will not go ahead to the next step, so the best thing you can do is to not having any step at all.

The best you can have is a form so users just need to enter email and subscribe, that’s only one click after filling email form. This is the ideal subscription form.

Give control to subscribers

Growing your subscribers list is important, but if users unsubscribe after receiving one or two mails, then all efforts are useless.

If you get 100 subscribers in a month, but if in same period of time you have same number of unsubscribes, then your mailing list will not grow. Even if you catch tons of subscribers it’s no good for nothing if you also have tons of unsubscribes.

In order to avoid that, the first thing is to deliver high quality content, but that’s not all. Minimize unsubscribes by asking users when they want to receive your content, and what kind of content they would like.

Also, you want to be sure that your mails are not going into spam folder and that they go into the right place in main email providers such as Gmail and Outlook.

The most common reason to unsubscribe is not because bad content, it is because subscribers can’t handle satisfactory the subscription.

Off line resources

This is some cool way to get subscribers that many Webmasters forget. And beyond that, it is something that many Webmaster does not consider at all.

QR codes allow to print a link in any place. Anyone with a smartphone can actually read the QR code accessing the link from any place.

Consider creating your QR code linking to subscription page and use the QR everywhere.

You can include it in your business cards, postcards, stickers or packaging. Any printable surface related to you website can turn into a subscription form with QR codes.

There are so many other ways to get more subscribers to your blog or website thats it’s impossible to handle all of them together.

¿Do you have any other strategy to get more subscribers?
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